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Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Day Without Immigrants...You Mean Illegal Aliens? WTF?

The recent Day Without Immigrants protests is the most asinine thing I have heard recently. What they meant is a Day Without Illegal Aliens!

Unless you are an American Indian, it is highly unlikely you, your family, or your ancestors were either immigrants or children born to immigrants. I certainly was; my family came here in the 1700's to the 1800's legally through Castle Garden which was the immigration point in New York long before Ellis Island. The HUGE difference is that we were vetted to enter the United States and our families had to enter legally. Our families didn't get welfare, free medical care and were subjected to severe hardships just for coming here legally and trying to work and better themselves.

Yeah, yeah, I know, all these illegals are just trying to have a better life in America. By entering illegally and breaking Federal law, b\y sucking off the dollars working Americans pay into taxes that support their freebies, including, but not limited to, free pre and post natal care, free birthing, free medical care, free long term medical care. Most drive with no insurance or registration and most won't even get the drivers license that some idiot states offer. When they have an accident they run and leave the poor soul who has had their vehicle damaged, or worse, personally injured to fend for themselves. Hell, several cases in the San Diego area where an illegal has fled the scene of a serious accident and left their own child in the vehicle to die. One child was ejected and the father ran away and left him to die.

Our streets are filled with criminals and they need to be deported. Period. Read the paper and watch the news and most of the criminal activity is committed by someone with a Hispanic surname. Many are indicated to be illegals with numerous prior charges and convictions. yet they get to remain free to commit more crimes.

People wonder why Social Security is going broke? Ask your congressman and senator why Medicare pays for organ transplants for illegals? And how does an illegal bring another illegal over for medical care. And how is it wrong for a hospital to ship a person back to Mexico after a year in the hospital and millions of dollars in unpaid bills when Mexico doesn't want their own citizen. And they some US governmental judicial idiot gives that family the right to sue because they cannot or will not take care of him at home in his native country. He was illegal and hell, wasn't a few million in care enough?

Time to support illegal immigration deportation. The taxpayers have had enough of all the handouts for and crime by illegals. You want to whine because the price of vegetables will go up? Buy them from Mexico instead where they are picked by Mexicans in Mexico and the money and people stay there. There is nothing good from illegal immigration. Nothing.

Finally, maybe the reason nothing much changed when the illegals refused to work is that the legal citizens were working and nobody noticed? Some schools enjoyed the school absences as they could finally teach the kids who wanted to learn and not have to slow things down to a crawl for those who don't comprehend English, the official American language. Sadly, many who come here will not even try to speak English; I am aware of families where members have been here 30 plus years and don't speak English. What a shame on their willingness to "assimilate" into our society. They don't even make an effort and yet expect all of us to simply accept them and we should adapt to meet their needs.  Not only no, but hell no.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Whining children regardless of age...The latest protests

We used to see violent protests in other countries when a segment of the citizenry didn't get their way. Now the same lunacy seems to have invaded America where the Democrats and liberals are so upset with the choice of the people for President that they need to riot and cause damage to property of people who have absolutely nothing to do with the current situation. Thugs and punks who have no regard for law and order and who are so concerned that their freebies might be taken away.

What the hell is wrong with someone who touts free speech as a reason for their lawlessness and then riots again so that someone cannot speak on a college campus, when a huge portion of their tuition is being picked up by American taxpayers? No, equal free speech is not equal if punks and thugs decide they are the only ones allowed to voice an opinion. And to do it by disregarding the law is abysmal.

In my opinion, we should immediately stop supporting institutions that espouse or condone illegal behavior and let the crybabies either get their collective butts to work and pay their own full tuition. How many of those protesting actually pay taxes and support themselves? No a lot I would bet. And for so many to wear face masks clearly shows they are ashamed to have their faces seen because they know they are committing illegal acts. No balls but lots of rocks and bottles. Then when they are arrested they are just using their First Amendment rights to free speech? I think not. The police arrest a dozen when they should arrest and charge hundreds.

Strangely enough, when Obama was elected you didn't see Republicans rioting. They were too busy working supporting the country. Sadly, those on a free ride will always be at the center of problems for this country. After all, when you can sit on your ass and collect off the sweat of those who can and do work, it's easier to go out and protest than actually find a job and support themselves. The eternal hope that someone will continue to support their lazy asses.

UPS Mail Innovations Sucks

Frankly, I have written about this horrendous service before and it gets no better. I had a package shipped and the estimated delivery date is 14 days later! WTF?? Sadly, shippers continue to bullcrap their customers and let them believe they ship UPS or FedEx and instead use their mailing services which causes long delays and crappy service. Two weeks coast to coast? No wonder I purchase on Amazon Prime with two day shipping. Wait, before you think I am paying extra for that free two day Amazon Prime shipping, let me state I use the Amazon video service and watch hundreds of videos annually at no extra cost than the $99 annual fee and that covers all my shipping for the year too! And none of that shipping si by these asinine carrier malfunctions.

We cannot blame the US Postal Service for the UPS service. After all, UPS is responsible to get it to your LOCAL post office where they deliver within a day or two to your door. The delays are all on UPS who don't give a rats ass about your shipment or timely delivery. 

Merchants need to understand they will lose business by saving a few cents on shipping. As for QVC, I am done when they ship and charge for this crap service. Same with other vendors who can't use timely and decent shipping services. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

An Apocalypse For the Second Amendment

As many of us know, Hilary Clinton is against guns. She will tell you she supports the second amendment but it's a lie. She and others of her ilk would remove every legal gun from the hands of law abiding Americans and still not make a dent in the illegal guns used in criminal activity.

The logic of removing legal weapons from the hands of Americans to minimize the possibility of injury or death to others is like taking cookies away from every American because some are obese. Or taking away cars because some people drive drunk. If you simply look at statistics, many more people are killed by drunk drivers than all the legal guns in the country. But little is really being done to curb drunken driving.  People convicted of drunk or impaired driving will still get a car and drive. Same with illegal guns, they will always be available no matter how you try and punish the legal gun owner.

A scenario that should scare every law abiding gun owner in America:

Clinton is elected and within months of taking office she appoints another leftist liberal to the Supreme Court. Then the government submits that the Second Amendment is not constitutional and the now left leaning Court decides to abolish it or even worse, decides to "clarify it" to exclude the ownership of firearms by citizens. Note they no longer delineate legal from illegal ownership...they simply ban all ownership of firearms.

Legal gun owners submit petitions and attempt to have the decision overturned. The Supreme Court simply refuses to hear the appeals and Clinton signs an executive order to have all firearms confiscated.

The Federal and State governments use their gun owners lists to target legal gun owners and force them to surrender their firearms within 10 days. Clinton thought 30 days was too long and a lengthier time schedule might allow people to cache their guns so it was decided to force surrender quickly. When firearms are not turned in on schedule, police, bolstered by federal agents and US Marshals go house to house and remove firearms. Persons who refuse to do so are are arrested and their guns seized. Homes are torn apart looking for firearms that have not been turned in or seized.

A large group of gun owners refuse to turn in their guns and Federal troops are called in to enforce Clinton's edict. Homes are literally destroyed in the continuing search for firearms and there are armed confrontations in homes and on the streets. Clinton's puppet Supreme Court renders an emergency decision that owning a weapon is now a violent felony although no crime has been committed, except failing to turn in a legal weapon. Police and troops are given the orders that any engagement with a known armed person is reason to shoot on sight. Thousands are killed in the bloodshed following.

The hold outs still having weapons move to rural areas and establish compounds to retain their freedoms. Troops surround their compounds and move in with armored vehicles and tanks to suppress the revolt. In a few weeks, legal gun owners in America have been effectively disarmed.  

The streets of our cities are in total mayhem. The illegal guns have now taken over the streets. Gangs and thugs roam free and move from house to house, taking people and property at their leisure. Resisters are shot and the gangs proliferate and grow.

Clinton has achieved her goal, the legal gun owners have lost their Constitutional right to own and bear arms. America is in chaos, and the liberals have finally turned America into a cesspool, just like a third world country. America is lost and there is no turning back. We are just waiting for the first strike from Russia or even another country now that our citizens are unarmed.

Yes, this is a fairy tale. Rather it is a nightmare that has not happened yet. What gun owners do at the polls in November may well be the reason this never happens. Regardless of what party you used to support, is your freedom enough to continue voting on party lines? Nobody can decide for you, so you decide. Will it be freedom or tyranny?

Remember what happened when Hitler told the Germans that taking away their guns would make that country so much more peaceful. Do you not see the parallel here?

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

CalTrans, lies and deceit

A residential community in San Diego's north county has been waiting for construction of a sound wall for many years. California Department of Transportation, more commonly known as CalTrans, made numerous promises to homeowners and their association on construction, timelines, scheduling and much more. The problem, is after so many years, the promises are turning out to be lies and deceit.

Way back in 2010, residents of this community were meeting with CalTrans officials to discuss the widening of Interstate 5 and the impacts it would have on residents. The specter of a new sound wall was raised, with CalTrans then designing a 14 foot high wall that would reduce the noise impact to residents of this community. So, what happened?

For six years, CalTrans has met with the homeowners and strung them along with promises, outright lies that the sound wall would be built before the freeway was widened. And, after 6 years of planning, CalTrans now states the wall is delayed due to some Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) that suddenly becomes important. They make it seem like they just found out, but then we find out they actually knew this many years ago but failed to figure this into their concocted stories. CalTrans will not admit who requires the ESA, just that it is according to "standards." The Coastal Commission was mentioned but they seem to have no idea who required this ESA. And CalTrans seems stunned that they have to construct some of the sound wall from outside the residential properties when they actually knew this for what, five or six years?

Now, CalTrans states they will build the freeway regardless of the wall being delayed. Homeowners, who have been impacted by the unmitigated noise levels of an ever growing traffic mass will now be further impacted by construction noise, dust and dirt. CalTrans even had the unmitigated gall to state they might possibly not "open the new lanes to traffic" until the wall was completed. Anyone who would believe that from the get-go is a fool.

But, that's not even the worst of the fabrications that were weaved for homeowners by CalTrans. They are going to do the freeway construction at night! That means no sleep for residents anywhere near the freeway with extreme noise, bright lights and the incessant beep-beep of backup alarms all night long. And CalTrans doesn't give a rats ass about the residents. Not at all.

Some points to know:

CT KNEW that there was an ESA as far back as 2006 but continued to lead us on about the wall construction.
CT KNEW from the beginning that some of the sound wall work would have to be completed from outside the property.
CT KNEW they would build the freeway lanes whether or not the sound wall was erected.
CT has absolutely no regard for the homeowners who will be impacted by the intolerable construction.
CT KNEW they would build at night but lulled us into a false sense of security by stating the wall would be built between 8 am and 5 pm, with us foolishly believing they would actually adhere to the original story of building the wall first.
CT has avoided telling us who actually required the ESA in the first place, rather telling us it was done in accordance with "standards".
Once again, we cannot trust the State of California for anything. They didn't want more lawsuits over the freeway construction so they lied to get people to believe they were actually going to consider residents in their planning. Not so.

So, if CalTrans tells you anything do not believe it. They are likely telling you something just to avoid any slowing down of their steamroller projects. We pay their salaries through taxes yet once again, the taxpayer gets screwed.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Another Reason The U S Postal Service is Failing

It simply amazes me at the inefficiency of the United States Postal Service. The lack of training, inefficient shipping and plain idiots who handle our mail leaves little doubt on why the system is always in trouble.

For example, we have mail to be picked up and have even purchased large labels asking that it be scanned. Hmm...latest is the the idiot who picks up the mail just leaves it in the box and never takes it. We not only have to place notes that say SCAN ME but also PLEASE TAKE WITH YOU AND SCAN! WTF? And they complain that people are not supporting them. Why should we when we now have alternate means to ship most larger parcels.

I have an item coming from overseas and it arrives within 3 days at Los Angeles. Then it sits for 4 days before it moves to the relay facility who then ships it 38 miles further away from where the destination is. What? The distance from LA to here is about 90 miles but they ship it north an additional 38 miles so it is now 128 miles away. And it took then how many days to do that?

I have to laugh when Royal Mail can get things overseas in less than 3 days and it then takes the USPS another week to get it less than 100 miles to the end point. Brits, don't complain about your Post, just be glad our government is not running it and bailing it out.

Complain to the USPS and it does little to ever correct the situation. Apparently the hiring process is no better than it was over 50 years ago, with IQ absolutely not a requirement to handle or deliver mail. Every time we get a new mail carrier, we need to trade mail with neighbors. Hell, when we get a good mail carrier, they transfer them somewhere else. We just get the dregs.

Amazon can deliver in a day or two and the USPS can not. Amazon does it for free with Prime and even with Priority Mail you never know when things will be delivered. Pay 18 dollars for a large box with two day delivery and it even says two day on the label and it takes four or five. And the USPS just yawns again.

And the government, the taxpayers, just continue to bail out this archaic system. Privatize it and we will pay more they say, but maybe we will actually get timely service? I've never had FedEx or UPS fail to pick up a package so why can't the USPS do it? Food for thought.

UPDATE: The registered mail, which the USPS touts as being ultra secure and handled so carefully, was never scanned by the local post office before going out for delivery. I called in and asked if it was out for delivery and was told it must be because it is not here? WTF? That is secure?

Add to that the news this past weekend that 33 employees of the USPS either had warrants or were arrested for stealing mail and/or its contents. One person stole 199 cell phones and they found 43,000 pieces of mail at another postal workers house! One of them is the ex-president of the Mail Handlers Union! And, the news last week also showed surveillance video of a mail person dumping mail in a dumpster so she didn't have to deliver it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The good, bad and ugly of online shopping

I have to confess that I do a significant amount of online shopping. It just is so easy to be able to compare products and prices on specific items and order them from the comfort of your home. No fuel costs, parking issues, and inclement weather never a problem either. The convenience of having the worlds' goods at your fingertips. Awesome.

However, there are good and bad shopping experiences I want to share with you. Kudos or roses to one specific site and onions to the other. 

The beginning is that it is hot as Hades here and we needed a portable air conditioner. So I searched the Internet for a good price and fast shipping  so we could receive something to cool at least the bedroom. My spouse and I both have cardiac issues so extreme heat is not a positive influence in our lives.  Everyone seems to know this site and they are absolutely awesome. Free shipping on most items over a certain threshold (free always if you subscribe to PRIME), free returns, great customer service, fast refunds on returns (Amazon will normally credit you account as soon as UPS picks up the return!)  Generally quality merchandise, although you do need to be careful when choosing an item or seller where the product is not fulfilled directly by Amazon. Check their ratings and decide whether that choice is best for you. Feedback is important, just like shopping on eBay.

I ordered an air conditioner from Amazon on Saturday and it was delivered to my door in excellent condition on Monday, actually one business day later, and a day earlier than expected. And no extra shipping costs too. Product was in a sealed box, with all the required parts, no damage and was the right unit I ordered. And it operates just as intended. Success!  Unfortunately, my high hopes for success with this company have been decimated to say the least. I ordered an air conditioner of one brand and size and was excited to see UPS pull up about 4 days later with..the wrong one! Not only was the capacity wrong, it was even the wrong brand so I sent it back with the UPS person. The return e-mail stated a refund would be issued within 7 to 10 days. What they actually mean is 7 to 10 business days after receiving the item back at the original shipping point! The item was received at their warehouse a week later and it took another week for them to issue a refund, which has yet to get to my credit card company.

Before realizing the error of my ways, I ordered a second air conditioner from, this time opting for a different brand as the one I originally ordered was apparently not available. Again, this one arrived about 4 days later and the box was pretty beat up and looked to have been opened before; the UPS person said many look that way and it was relatively normal so I accepted delivery. Big mistake. Upon opening the box, it was clear the unit had previously been opened. The front of the appliance was dirty and the foam packaging was all broken. To further add insult to this deal, the critical parts to install the window portion of the unit were missing. Clearly this had been a return or some other product issue before I received it.

I spoke to a Michael at and requested a return. He stated it would go back by FedEx, not UPS as it had come and he would put in a pickup for the next day. Unfortunately, FedEx does NOT provide a pickup label when they arrive to pickup the package, but UPS does. Michael failed to send me a label so the next day FedEx shows up and announces this 77 lb behemoth would not be picked up and they would have to come back another day after a label was affixed by me. Oh, crap, haul the damned box back inside again. Called and a Natalie apologized and sent a label while scheduling another pickup.  Drag the damned box outside again the next morning so FedEx can pick it up. Finally it is gone, but takes a week to reach the warehouse and probably at least another week or more for a refund. has some of the lowest prices on the Internet for many goods and does offer free shipping. But when they cannot fulfill an order correctly or send second rate merchandise, the old adage well applies..."The bitterness of a bad deal lingers long after the sweetness of a low price." never tells you where the item is coming from, just from a "Trusted Seller". Not so trusted by me for sure. Sadly, I will never order again as regardless of their hype, the only one with the top of their head popping off was me with a massive headache dealing with them.

It is "Caveat Emptor" or "Buyer Beware" when ordering online. If you think the deal is too good, it probably isn't.