Click It or Ticket

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What is Right About America

We keep hearing how America is falling apart, America is becoming extinct, Americans values are gone, and so much more. But there is a simple truth to where this country is headed....

The problem lies not with America, but with people who have something to gain, either ideologically or monetarily, and who keep voting the same people in term after term. Regardless of how they squander the taxpayers money or how corrupt they are, the idiots keep voting them in time and again.

Why? Because many people, regardless of color, are on the gravy train that never stops at a station except to collect more money and benefits. Politicians pander to those who will vote for them by promising, and giving, rewards. More welfare, forgiveness of student loans, more shelter dodges for illegals, etc. If you offered a dollar to anyone who votes for you, it would be a crime. So the politicians simply promise more "dollars" in the form of freebies and those sucking off the hind tit of society go for the politicians who give the best freebies. Thus Sanders and Clinton, whose platforms include more and more give-aways, and subservience to foreign governments. Just like the current "leader" the future will be bleak if we do not turn things around.

I am so damned sick and tired of the police being vilified because 99.99 percent do a good job and are honest, hard working men and women in a thankless job. Black Lives Matter? Sure they do, every life matters. But the same people screaming at the cops are the ones who turn a blind eye to the crime statistics of black people killing other blacks. But that does not matter to them, they won't get out and make their neighborhoods safer, they just bitch and moan and sit on their collective asses while the cops are trying to stem the rampant crime. And they complain that police are harassing them when the police are in their neighborhoods and make an arrest, no matter how righteous. Yet they want the police to be there if the crime is committed on them. Same with a minority of Latinos and others who seem to think the only time a cop should be around is when they need one to cover their butt, not to arrest illegals or criminals or gang bangers! How sad for the good people of all races.

What is really disheartening is how many great people of color there are in this world, and the small number who have nothing better to do than protest, result in much public opinion being turned against people of color in general. Factually, they have the same problem as the police; most are decent people who just want a decent life. Most work and support their families and don't have time to protest all day. But exactly what has happened to law enforcement in general has also broad brushed the black community. If you are against the activists you are called a racist. If you are against the police you are called a supporter of the activists, nothing more.

The shooter who killed police officers in Dallas was a racist, through and through. Such acts severely deepen the chasm between the races and foster hate and division. Yet some people see this act as good and praise the gunman for his vile deeds. That is patently wrong on every level. What is wrong that we simply cannot see there are bad and good in every race and broad brushing everyone is just wrong?

In my opinion, the proliferation of freebies for people on the the public dole who should be working but will not, Section 8 housing where it is not warranted, and people having multiple non-family members living in the house at taxpayers expense, mothers with multiple children from multiple fathers who walk away from their responsibilities and move on to impregnate some more women, (Black and white and every other race, color are included), scammers on the system who collect benefits they are not entitled to, and the lack of a decent justice system that actually punishes criminals, especially those repeat offenders, are major reasons we are in this mess.

Speaking of criminal acts, it is outrageous where a citizen can make an honest several hundred dollar mistake on their taxes and be hounded by the IRS and charged interest, fines, and fees, while others can owe millions of dollars and get special treatment because of who they know or are. And the same goes for claiming disability benefits when people are actually able to work a solid job, but scam the system and feign a disability while sucking off the taxpayers paychecks. And they think they are actually entitled to these benefits!! No wonder Social Security is in worse shape than ever, when money is moved to the disability fund from the Social Security Trust Fund at the expense of retirees who count on that money to survive. And, those who have to worry about their benefits being cut are the ones who actually worked and payed into the system all their working life! As a note, I am not against those who have an honest disability, just the scammers who screw us all over. And I am mad at the justice system that turns a blind eye to allow these scams to continue.

Student loans are another issue today. Why is it that if you decide to go to any school, many for way over the four years and spend the student loan money on a car, bar, vacations, dates and everything else plus your schooling, and run up a $100,000+ debt that the taxpayers should be required to pick up YOUR debt? If a citizen runs up their credit card, nobody else gets to pay the debt. Many of us actually worked our way through college, and scrimped and saved to pay the bills. We did it by hard work, those with student loans had to pay them off month by month over many years. A month on forbearance meant another months payments at the end plus more interest. Why in hell should anyone expect that their student loan be forgiven? Maybe the government will then forgive mortgages? I think not.

People who went to schools they did not fully vet before enrolling now want the government to forgive their loans because they failed to do due diligence. What? Just because some people are idiots and easily scammed by any school, especially online schools and those who advertise online, they think we should bail them out? I hope they never buy a nice car, a home or anything else of great material value because they are in for a rude awakening. Nobody is going to pay the bills for them. GROW UP and get real. You made the decision so suck it up!

Finally, the "celebrities" who are absolutely nothing make statements that the "press" publishes, as yellow journalism does. These people are not celebrities but boils on the butt of society and how can anyone even consider listening to the tripe that emanates from them? Come on. America, wake up and get real. A wanna be singer, rapper, actor, artist, You Tube maker or anything else is just that...a wanna be that means zip, zero, Nada. Everyone should aspire to greatness,but these people will never be great, just mediocre at best.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Land of the Free(bies)

Many who have served this country in the military or in positions of public service have rightfully earned benefits. Of course, sometimes they have to fight for those benefits, and the fight can be long and hard. Disabled veterans fight to have their cases handled and sometimes wait years for a determination. Sadly, some die while the bureaucrats make them go through hoops to prove the shrapnel in their back, or leg, or traumatic brain injury was a result of service to our country.

Yet, the same bureaucrats seem to have absolutely no problems giving hundreds of billions away to those who have given nothing to the country, simply existing to drain the public coffers. Generations of welfare recipients, sometimes the third and fourth generation, garnering every possible benefit known to man, sit on their collective asses while others work to provide their existence. Babies with gold earrings, baby daddies with huge gold chains, Section 8 housing for the baby mama who never worked a day in their lives., tax credits for people who never paid taxes, illegals living on taxpayers funds,  And scamming the system How the hell does this happen? The government fosters this mentality and has for decades.

If you go to the root of the problem, it starts with a lack of fundamental morals and the impregnation of women by men who will never stay and support them. The government then steps in and feels a responsibility to help out so they start the welfare chain. Of course, the now baby mama has more children and the taxpayers pay for prenatal care, birthing, child care, and so much more while the baby daddy goes out and impregnates more and more women. One man boasted that he believes he has over a hundred children with many baby mamas; one woman stated she has 10 children. While the taxpayers fund Section 8 housing where the recipients pay little to nothing, the new boyfriends, soon to become baby daddies, move in. Sure that is against the rules but there are no rules it seems for these people; they just don't have rules like those who support them. And more kids end up on the way. A great number of the fathers are incarcerated as a result of their lifestyle but never pay a cent in support for all the children they have fathered.

Our government has not only allowed, but aided and abetted the abuse of this system. The liberal politicians use the freebies as a way to garner votes, because if we had elected officials with any balls to stand up and change the system, they get outvoted by those who want not only to continue the status quo, but to improve it.

A sad commentary on our society. 

Giving Away America

It's no new realization, but rather one that haunts most working Americans that they are supporting more and more "no-loads" every day. Here's some examples on how the honest citizen taxpayer is getting screwed:

You work 40 hours or more a week, work overtime when you can get it for the extra money, pay your bills, pay your federal, state and local taxes, pay for medical, auto and home insurance, have a mortgage, live with your spouse and two small children in a two bedroom house. You worry about the next months rent, dental costs for the kids, and replacing the older vehicle you have as your only means of transportation. The electric bill is getting higher and you forego installing air conditioning  because of the cost, using only fans to help through the sweltering summer months. You seldom eat out as the cost of doing so is prohibitive. Your vacations are time spent at home fixing up the house, gardening and keeping your property well maintained. The last decent vacation was 4 years ago, a five day trip to the beach for which you worked countless of overtime hours to pay for. Your kids want a large breed dog, but the costs of care exceeds what you can afford right now.

Meanwhile, down the street lives a family consisting of a mother and three children and two large dogs. The fathers of the children are missing or incarcerated, and pay zero toward the support of the children. They live in a 4 bedroom home, about twice the size of yours and are on welfare, as well as Section 8 housing. They pay only $200 on the $1800 dollar a month rent, have a newer vehicle in the driveway, do not work, and receive numerous other social program benefits such as SNAP, WIC, and an EBT card that they frequently use at the local fast food place. Their medical is paid through Medicaid or MediCal and the children under 18 receive free dental care as well. Having the babies was free through more give away programs and both pre-natal and post-natal care is covered. In addition, they received a new refrigerator, reduced electric rates, a free cell phone for the family and reduced rates on cable TV. Their house is air conditioned and it seems to run constantly. If they need to go to the doctor and the car is not available, they receive transportation vouchers.  They carry no auto insurance, letting it expire after one payment, and you note the registration on their car has expired long ago. Two of the children are teens who also do not work, but hang out on the street all evening. Their yard is a mess but they have no interest in cleaning it up and the landlord is not pro-active in cleaning it up either.

But it doesn't end there. Need legal help? You will have to pay for it, but the No-Loads can get it for free. And, if they think the landlord is not keeping the home up to their requirements, they complain to Section 8 and that entity will withhold payment to the landlord until any and all issues are fixed. And if they keep complaining, they won't pay rent until they are evicted. Oh, wait, they know how to use the housing courts so they can stay in a home rent free until the case is adjudicated, usually in a stipulation where they are allowed to stay months rent free before the landlord has to try and get rid of them again. Damages to the house? What did I do is a familiar cry. No matter how bad they keep the place, it's never their fault.

The teens drive the family car and don't have driver licenses. Because in their minds the law does not apply to them. No insurance means if they hit you, they will likely run and say they were not driving. And you will get stuck with the bills. And what are you going to sue them for...their welfare payment? You're just screwed.

My dad always said if you don't work you don't eat. Simple enough. A 400 lb person who says they have to have disability because they can't breathe well or their legs are problems might lose some weight? I guarantee losing weight has a positive health effect on both of those issues. Sure there are some honest disabilities but why can these people go to the club and drink and dance and produce more illegitimate kids, but not work? Veterans injured in combat have more problem getting disability than the no-load who sits at home every day. That's because the administrative law judges blow these welfare cases off and it impacts your Social Security. Note how the politicians shored up disability at the cost of Social Security? Why...for votes! And those who payed into the system all their working lives have to contend with potential shortfalls in the future.  

Time to wake up and smell the garbage. If you are sick and tired of this crap you need to dump the people who continuously add to the burden of the taxpayer and make your life difficult while supporting no-loads. You might not agree with all Trump's ideas but when you consider the alternatives it is scary as hell for the working people of America.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Lost America

I an so ashamed of the Republican party and all the bickering and in-fighting surrounding this year's campaign. At no other time in my life have I seen such divisiveness and lack of cohesion as this year. Add to that those who are making every effort to assure that Donald Trump is not the candidate, and it makes me sick.

Americans have voted for Trump, regardless of how any splinter group feels. The people have spoken and I'm not debating whether they are right or wrong, but they have voted him as their specific candidate. And yet some group of idiots wants to take those votes and nullify them through some process that seems to even have the go ahead bu the Supreme Court.

It proves that your vote does not matter in America. No matter all the rhetoric about getting out and vote, if a small group of political buffoons can alter the course of an election by not allowing the American People their say, it proves the corrupt system under which we live.

In my opinion, the Republicans are simply handing over any semblance of a shot at the presidency to the Democrats. It is a sick, demented way of politics in this country and those who think that it is okay don't deserve to live here. I am not taking sides with either party but what is fair is fair and unfortunately, our system has become so corrupt that there is no longer a line between right and wrong.

The Republicans never did get their act together since the beginning of this campaign. Paul Ryan has been bad mouthing trump as bad as the Democrats. Hell, why even run anti-Trump ads when the Republicans will destroy his chances of election all by themselves.  And destroy all the votes cast for the candidate, regardless of who thinks it's right or wrong.

In my opinion, the idiocy of the Republican Party will assure a Clinton victory. A sad statement about American politics.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

 This is a repeat of a 2011 post that well bears repeating:

Memorial Day has traditionally been celebrated as the beginning of Summer. No, not the actual date summer begins, but the official day when the seasonal holidays start and the barbecues begin, beaches open, playgrounds are filled with children, parks, lakes and pools ring with the laughter and mirth of kids and adults alike. The sweet smoky smell of hot dogs, hamburgers and even marshmallows over a fire waft through the air, an odor that beckons each and every one of us to childhood memories no matter our age.

But wait, somehow, in all of the fun and frivolity, many seem to have forgotten the solemnity and sacred meaning of Memorial Day. What it should mean to every American. Memorial Day is a day set aside each year to remember the fallen warriors of our country; those who made the ultimate sacrifice to give each of us freedom, and the ability to reach out for the American Dream. No, they didn't give you the American Dream, you have to work for that yourself. But they gave their lives to assure you had the freedom to reach out for it, free from oppression, tyranny and grave injustice as is the case in so many other countries.

It doesn't matter whether you call it a war, police action, or what name you pin on combat. Or any other action that places our military men and women in harms way to defend freedom. Men and women gave all so that we might live free. They didn't do it for fame or glory, or a medal to pin on their uniform. Medals usually came too late to shine in a parade; many were laid on rows of caskets at ceremonies in such places as Arlington and Fort Rosecrans. The Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Coast Guardsman, Air Forceman or Merchant Marine never saw the glint of the Silver Star or Purple Heart or other medal in the sun as it laid upon his casket. But the family knew the bravery that he or she displayed many days or weeks or months before this day came to pass.

Most of our fallen warriors did come home, to be interred in their beloved country near family and loved ones. But many didn't and are buried on foreign shores in huge cemeteries, marked by simple crosses and markers, the only remnants of fierce battles, where Americans shed their blood to give freedom to others in a foreign land. They didn't know the people, but knew freedom was as important to them as it is to us. Freedom, the one thing that is perhaps as much important as life itself.

In my humble opinion, the three most important things are life, love and freedom. Without them life is just a bleak and somewhat hopeless experience. With perseverance and luck, many find love, but it takes a very special person willing to lay it all on the line to fight for your freedom. When you realize the warrior doesn't know you, or the individuals they are fighting for in most cases, it makes it even more impressive that they are willing to sacrifice all for others, to give them a chance at a better life.

On this Memorial Day, I will remember my brothers who have fallen in Vietnam, as well as all those who have fallen before, and after, in every war and conflict. I will remember those who have been ravaged by the remnants of war, and who have died as a result of service-connected injuries and illnesses, those who never appear in casualty rolls, but who are casualties just the same.

And some special prayers to several brothers who are very close in my heart today and always will be. Rest well my brothers; we'll all be crossing the bar to join you some day.

And, just in case anyone ever forgets:


Seat Belts Save Lives

I know many have heard the above phrase, and most people believe in the value of seat belts. But there are still many who believe that a seat belt will not save them in case of an accident. I can tell you from experience on the job, and personal experience they are DEAD WRONG!

First, let me tell you of my own experience. I was struck broadside by a loaded one ton truck moving at 55 miles per hour that ran a stop light. I had just pulled away from a stop light, and had looked left and right, but never saw her coming. It appeared the driver was distracted and had run the light before this one as well. The collision was so violent that it drove me across two lanes of an off ramp and into a light pole that sheared my vehicle almost in half. My vehicle did not have airbags, but my seat belt was securely fastened.

The impact was so great that it knocked my knees together with bone jarring force, crushed my left shoulder, my head struck the side pillar all with an almost knockout blow (air bags would have minimized that) while the vehicle continued across the road to strike the pole. My actual forward speed when the impact occurred was less than 5 miles per hour so all the force was created by the other vehicle. My vehicle, then a new Explorer, was totaled. The engine sheet metal and parts were wrapped around the top of the engine. The vehicle sustained massive damage.

 But what about me?  I survived and when the paramedics arrived they could not believe my injuries were minimal in light of the overall damage. I underwent surgery for a crushed left shoulder and other non-life threatening injuries, but in just a few weeks I was back on the job, albeit on limited duty for about six weeks.  Had I not had on a seat belt, there is absolutely no question I would have died. The seat belt kept me within the protective "cage" of the vehicle and prevented me from flying out.

Some people think that if they were to end up in the water, they would survive better with no seat belt on. Not true. In my experience with actual crashes, people with seat belts on were far more likely to be able to get out of a vehicle that landed in the water than those who were not. A specific case comes to mind where four young people were riding in a vehicle at high speed and went off into a river. Three of the four were not wearing seat belts and perished. The only one who survived was the one passenger wearing a seat belt. After the vehicle hit the water he was able to remove his seat belt and exit the car through a broken window. The other three had been thrown around the vehicle so violently, we believe they were probably all unconscious after the vehicle hit the water.

Fire? Some people have the notion that in case of a fire following a collision they will be better able to escape without a seat belt. No, doesn't work that way since the likely injuries from not wearing your seat belt, unless you were ejected and died on the pavement, would render you unable to exit the vehicle yourself.

There is no good excuse for not wearing your seat belt. Air bags will not preclude you from being ejected, nor will it stop a rear seat passenger from being thrown so violently forward that they break the neck of the driver or front seat passenger. Or at minimum injure them to the extent they can not exit the vehicle after a crash.

And for those who think a seat belt is too confining, sit in a wheelchair for a few days and think again! You could spend the rest of your life in a confining situation.

Accidents happen and now, with more people ignoring safe driving, texting, talking on the phone or other distracted driving issues, they seem to occur more frequently and with more deaths.

Getting a traffic ticket for not wearing your seat belt might be the best wake up call you ever received.  And the cheapest reminder to buckle up. After the accident and perhaps disabled for life is too late. The "Click It or Ticket" campaign is now in effect and law enforcement will be looking for violations. And, hopefully you will be buckled in and enjoying life as it was intended, accident free and long!

Stay Alive. Click it every time you drive.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Big Pharma and the Opioid Problem

Everyone knows we have a huge drug addiction problem in this country. Millions of pills daily misused, causing hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars in healthcare costs, most not borne by the abuser. And, that pales in comparison to the toll taken by the number of deaths and disabilities caused by overuse and misuse of prescription medications.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, from 1999 to 2014, 165,000 people died from overdoses of prescription opiods. In 2014 alone, over 14,000 deaths were attributed to opioid prescription overdose. Today, at least half of all U.S. opioid overdose deaths involve a prescription opioid.

The most common drugs involved in prescription opioid overdose deaths include:
  • Methadone
  • Oxycodone (such as OxyContin®)
  • Hydrocodone (such as Vicodin®)3
 Some sobering facts:
Among those who died from prescription opioid overdose between 1999 and 2014:
  • Overdose rates were highest among people aged 25 to 54 years.
  • Overdose rates were higher among non-Hispanic whites and American Indian or Alaskan Natives, compared to non-Hispanic blacks and Hispanics. 
  • Men were more likely to die from overdose, but the mortality gap between men and women is closing.

Overdose is not the only risk related to prescription opioids. Misuse, abuse, and opioid use disorder (addiction) are also potential dangers.
  • In 2014, almost 2 million Americans abused or were dependent on prescription opioids.
  • As many as 1 in 4 people who receive prescription opioids long term for non-cancer pain in primary care settings struggles with addiction.
  • Every day, over 1,000 people are treated in emergency departments for misusing prescription opioids.    
So what constructively is being done to stem the growing problem? Not that much, really. Some things have helped a bit, such as the CURES system that allows providers to cross check those who "doctor shop" to obtain additional prescriptions for opiods. But, that only works if the provider actually checks. Sure, the law says they must check, but do they really? I know some that do but would guess many do not.

Stricter enforcement of illicit sale and distribution of opiods has again been marginally successful. Taking one seller or dealer off the street usually means there is an open spot for yet another dealer. And by dealers, I include those who receive legitimate prescriptions and then sell their pills. Grandma and granddad are not exempt from the drug trade it appears.

Big pharmaceutical companies have manufactured and promoted pain medications, including several companies who have been  prosecuted for selling narcotics without approval for non-cancer pain. That promotion of off-label use has resulted in thousands of deaths, as a result of a new, and more dangerous drug coming on the market, increasing demand by and fueling the illegal usage by abusers. 

That said, people who are actually in constant pain, especially where the pain is going uncontrolled, can have the propensity toward addiction as a result of their continuous use of the drug, and increased dosage to control the pain, as prescribed by a respected medical doctor. Those people will be addicted but not abusers unless they take more than prescribed. In my opinion, there needs to be some logic by the government in separating "addicts" who through no fault of their own are addicted to prescription pain medications due to unrelenting pain, and the "abusers" who simply take medications to get high or do it through illicit channels. Lumping the person who has to live with chronic pain and becomes an "addict" with the abusers is patently unfair. Go after the abusers and those with no real physical need for drugs other than the need they self-created by taking medications illegally, or more than prescribed.  

I don't have an answer but I suppose tighter controls is what we all pay for a system that has allowed doctors to sell prescriptions for massive quantities of medications with virtual impunity. Nothing happens until someone screams foul. And it looks like the government, God forbid, is now calling foul for everyone, including all of the legitimate users, while the illicit drug trade will remain unabated.

Remember, one of the worst things you can ever hear is "We're the government and we're here to help."