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Monday, April 3, 2017

Sanctuary Cities and States

For some odd reason, this nation has fostered a bunch of bleeding heart idiots who somehow believe that coddling and protecting illegal aliens is a good thing. Many are politicians who live off the backs of taxpayers, and live in upper class neighborhoods where they have absolutely no personal contact with the illegals and the criminal activity many are part of.

The idea that an illegal alien who has broken Federal Law, can be somehow be shielded from deportation and other sanctions simply because some idiots think it's a good idea is asinine. Our Emergency Rooms and social services are already overwhelmed with illegals and to believe that keeping those here who can  be deported is a good idea is lunacy.

Let's get to the heart of the matter; I want to see all criminal illegal aliens deported first. If someone is picked up by the police or sheriff on any charge and are found to be here illegally they need to be immediately deported. No lengthy legal proceedings, no bleeding heart stories how they have kids or wives or children here. No, get them the hell out.

Doesn't it simply amaze anyone that an illegal alien can get reduced college admission in many states but a veteran returning from war cannot? The states will waive the "residency requirements" for an illegal but not a veteran? And how about the illegals who tout their illegal status on social media or even the news because nobody has the balls to go after them and get them out of the US? Sickening.

California is about the worst of the worst when it comes to coddling. So many politicians either have ties to or owe their election to the illegal population and their families, they will do anything to pander to them. In my opinion, the politicians who pass bills supporting illegal alien activity against Federal Law should be imprisoned. That would sure clear the decks in states like California.

I am all for LEGAL immigration. After all, unless you are a native American, your ancestors or perhaps even you had to go by the system to come here and live. And before anyone thinks I am anti-Hispanic, my great grandmother was Spanish and all of my ancestors beyond my parents arrived in New York at Castle Garden (that was the predecessor of Ellis Island) or Ellis Island or emigrated through Nova Scotia from Europe. Want to come to the US, do it the right way, not sneak over borders and then have anchor babies so you can stay.

I hope the Federal Government cuts off all funding for those who become sanctuary cities, states or whatever. They have the votes and all they nee dis some balls to do what they say they will. And the taxpayers in those states stage a tax revolt so as not to have to pay whatever the states piss away on illegal sanctuary.

For those who attempt to legitimize illegals by calling them "undocumented workers"  maybe you need to rethink that too politically correct phrase. Calling an illegal alien an undocumented worker is no different than calling a drug dealer an undocumented pharmacist.  

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Jerome's Furniture Warranty is Useless - Buyer Beware

We purchased about $2500 in furniture from Jerome's Furniture late last year and within just a few months the sofa and loveseat cushions began to look unsightly. They are pilling and look like a ten year old set. This is not heavy use, as there are only two persons in the household, both adults.

Upon reporting this issue to Jerome's Furniture, we were advised we could purchase new slipcovers for $375 as Jerome's does not warranty fabrics. Of course, they never tell you this at the time of sale, just give you a folder touting their one year warranty that you had better read before buying anything that has fabric on it.

Of course, Jerome's knows the fabric is the most important part of the furniture and simply blows consumers off by excluding the fabric from a warranty. Had we known the fabric would not be covered we would not have purchased the furniture. Oh, and to top it off, this was special order furniture so if we had found out right after ordering Jerome's has a no cancellation policy on custom orders.

In my opinion, Jerome's sells sub-standard furniture and both them and the manufacturer fail to stand behind it when there is an issue. There are lots of other places to buy furniture and living in a brand new community you can bet we will tell everyone we can not to buy at Jerome's if they expect any type of quality furniture with a useful warranty.  

CAVEAT EMPTOR - Buyer Beware!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Home Depot fails again

Where to begin? First we ordered patio furniture from Home Depot and it was delayed in delivery due to the really bad freight company they use. I personally had to go out and find the driver to get him to our home. When it finally arrived, it was delivered damaged. The top furniture piece was crushed beyond use and the wicker broken. To add insult to injury, the freight company left a pallet which they refused to keep and we had to dispose of it. (no, we don't have a fireplace to burn it in) Home Depot agreed to have the damaged piece picked up and replaced, and the pickup was very prompt, within 24 hours. Home Depot agreed to refund the purchase price and re-order but insisted on only crediting the price after an adjustment was made due to the delay. I argued that the adjustment was for us having to wait a week for the furniture, when they promised two days, not for the damage, but the phone agent argues otherwise. Oh well, what the hell, just lets get on with this.

The replacement took another week (HD didn't ship it for 4 days) and the freight company, USF Reddaway, failed to load it on the truck so we sat around yet another day for a delivery that never happened. They tried to blame the driver but the drivers do not load their own trucks! It finally arrived. Then we had to deal with yet another box (thankfully no pallet this time) and were able to piece together the new item. Success finally.

Then we purchased a fountain from HD and it starts disintegration, smelling like vinegar. Crusty places start to form and the crust smells like vinegar. It can be wiped off and spray wax applied to make it look better but it then will start the process all over. Agghh, yet another HD fail.

So, as much as I do like Home Depot, we will only purchase from the what we can carry out of a store with our two hands or a cart. Nothing that requires shipping and certainly not another fountain that acquires a special unwanted patina although it is resin!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Day Without Immigrants...You Mean Illegal Aliens? WTF?

The recent Day Without Immigrants protests is the most asinine thing I have heard recently. What they meant is a Day Without Illegal Aliens!

Unless you are an American Indian, it is highly unlikely you, your family, or your ancestors were either immigrants or children born to immigrants. I certainly was; my family came here in the 1700's to the 1800's legally through Castle Garden which was the immigration point in New York long before Ellis Island. The HUGE difference is that we were vetted to enter the United States and our families had to enter legally. Our families didn't get welfare, free medical care and were subjected to severe hardships just for coming here legally and trying to work and better themselves.

Yeah, yeah, I know, all these illegals are just trying to have a better life in America. By entering illegally and breaking Federal law, b\y sucking off the dollars working Americans pay into taxes that support their freebies, including, but not limited to, free pre and post natal care, free birthing, free medical care, free long term medical care. Most drive with no insurance or registration and most won't even get the drivers license that some idiot states offer. When they have an accident they run and leave the poor soul who has had their vehicle damaged, or worse, personally injured to fend for themselves. Hell, several cases in the San Diego area where an illegal has fled the scene of a serious accident and left their own child in the vehicle to die. One child was ejected and the father ran away and left him to die.

Our streets are filled with criminals and they need to be deported. Period. Read the paper and watch the news and most of the criminal activity is committed by someone with a Hispanic surname. Many are indicated to be illegals with numerous prior charges and convictions. yet they get to remain free to commit more crimes.

People wonder why Social Security is going broke? Ask your congressman and senator why Medicare pays for organ transplants for illegals? And how does an illegal bring another illegal over for medical care. And how is it wrong for a hospital to ship a person back to Mexico after a year in the hospital and millions of dollars in unpaid bills when Mexico doesn't want their own citizen. And they some US governmental judicial idiot gives that family the right to sue because they cannot or will not take care of him at home in his native country. He was illegal and hell, wasn't a few million in care enough?

Time to support illegal immigration deportation. The taxpayers have had enough of all the handouts for and crime by illegals. You want to whine because the price of vegetables will go up? Buy them from Mexico instead where they are picked by Mexicans in Mexico and the money and people stay there. There is nothing good from illegal immigration. Nothing.

Finally, maybe the reason nothing much changed when the illegals refused to work is that the legal citizens were working and nobody noticed? Some schools enjoyed the school absences as they could finally teach the kids who wanted to learn and not have to slow things down to a crawl for those who don't comprehend English, the official American language. Sadly, many who come here will not even try to speak English; I am aware of families where members have been here 30 plus years and don't speak English. What a shame on their willingness to "assimilate" into our society. They don't even make an effort and yet expect all of us to simply accept them and we should adapt to meet their needs.  Not only no, but hell no.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Whining children regardless of age...The latest protests

We used to see violent protests in other countries when a segment of the citizenry didn't get their way. Now the same lunacy seems to have invaded America where the Democrats and liberals are so upset with the choice of the people for President that they need to riot and cause damage to property of people who have absolutely nothing to do with the current situation. Thugs and punks who have no regard for law and order and who are so concerned that their freebies might be taken away.

What the hell is wrong with someone who touts free speech as a reason for their lawlessness and then riots again so that someone cannot speak on a college campus, when a huge portion of their tuition is being picked up by American taxpayers? No, equal free speech is not equal if punks and thugs decide they are the only ones allowed to voice an opinion. And to do it by disregarding the law is abysmal.

In my opinion, we should immediately stop supporting institutions that espouse or condone illegal behavior and let the crybabies either get their collective butts to work and pay their own full tuition. How many of those protesting actually pay taxes and support themselves? No a lot I would bet. And for so many to wear face masks clearly shows they are ashamed to have their faces seen because they know they are committing illegal acts. No balls but lots of rocks and bottles. Then when they are arrested they are just using their First Amendment rights to free speech? I think not. The police arrest a dozen when they should arrest and charge hundreds.

Strangely enough, when Obama was elected you didn't see Republicans rioting. They were too busy working supporting the country. Sadly, those on a free ride will always be at the center of problems for this country. After all, when you can sit on your ass and collect off the sweat of those who can and do work, it's easier to go out and protest than actually find a job and support themselves. The eternal hope that someone will continue to support their lazy asses.

UPS Mail Innovations Sucks

Frankly, I have written about this horrendous service before and it gets no better. I had a package shipped and the estimated delivery date is 14 days later! WTF?? Sadly, shippers continue to bullcrap their customers and let them believe they ship UPS or FedEx and instead use their mailing services which causes long delays and crappy service. Two weeks coast to coast? No wonder I purchase on Amazon Prime with two day shipping. Wait, before you think I am paying extra for that free two day Amazon Prime shipping, let me state I use the Amazon video service and watch hundreds of videos annually at no extra cost than the $99 annual fee and that covers all my shipping for the year too! And none of that shipping si by these asinine carrier malfunctions.

We cannot blame the US Postal Service for the UPS service. After all, UPS is responsible to get it to your LOCAL post office where they deliver within a day or two to your door. The delays are all on UPS who don't give a rats ass about your shipment or timely delivery. 

Merchants need to understand they will lose business by saving a few cents on shipping. As for QVC, I am done when they ship and charge for this crap service. Same with other vendors who can't use timely and decent shipping services. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

An Apocalypse For the Second Amendment

As many of us know, Hilary Clinton is against guns. She will tell you she supports the second amendment but it's a lie. She and others of her ilk would remove every legal gun from the hands of law abiding Americans and still not make a dent in the illegal guns used in criminal activity.

The logic of removing legal weapons from the hands of Americans to minimize the possibility of injury or death to others is like taking cookies away from every American because some are obese. Or taking away cars because some people drive drunk. If you simply look at statistics, many more people are killed by drunk drivers than all the legal guns in the country. But little is really being done to curb drunken driving.  People convicted of drunk or impaired driving will still get a car and drive. Same with illegal guns, they will always be available no matter how you try and punish the legal gun owner.

A scenario that should scare every law abiding gun owner in America:

Clinton is elected and within months of taking office she appoints another leftist liberal to the Supreme Court. Then the government submits that the Second Amendment is not constitutional and the now left leaning Court decides to abolish it or even worse, decides to "clarify it" to exclude the ownership of firearms by citizens. Note they no longer delineate legal from illegal ownership...they simply ban all ownership of firearms.

Legal gun owners submit petitions and attempt to have the decision overturned. The Supreme Court simply refuses to hear the appeals and Clinton signs an executive order to have all firearms confiscated.

The Federal and State governments use their gun owners lists to target legal gun owners and force them to surrender their firearms within 10 days. Clinton thought 30 days was too long and a lengthier time schedule might allow people to cache their guns so it was decided to force surrender quickly. When firearms are not turned in on schedule, police, bolstered by federal agents and US Marshals go house to house and remove firearms. Persons who refuse to do so are are arrested and their guns seized. Homes are torn apart looking for firearms that have not been turned in or seized.

A large group of gun owners refuse to turn in their guns and Federal troops are called in to enforce Clinton's edict. Homes are literally destroyed in the continuing search for firearms and there are armed confrontations in homes and on the streets. Clinton's puppet Supreme Court renders an emergency decision that owning a weapon is now a violent felony although no crime has been committed, except failing to turn in a legal weapon. Police and troops are given the orders that any engagement with a known armed person is reason to shoot on sight. Thousands are killed in the bloodshed following.

The hold outs still having weapons move to rural areas and establish compounds to retain their freedoms. Troops surround their compounds and move in with armored vehicles and tanks to suppress the revolt. In a few weeks, legal gun owners in America have been effectively disarmed.  

The streets of our cities are in total mayhem. The illegal guns have now taken over the streets. Gangs and thugs roam free and move from house to house, taking people and property at their leisure. Resisters are shot and the gangs proliferate and grow.

Clinton has achieved her goal, the legal gun owners have lost their Constitutional right to own and bear arms. America is in chaos, and the liberals have finally turned America into a cesspool, just like a third world country. America is lost and there is no turning back. We are just waiting for the first strike from Russia or even another country now that our citizens are unarmed.

Yes, this is a fairy tale. Rather it is a nightmare that has not happened yet. What gun owners do at the polls in November may well be the reason this never happens. Regardless of what party you used to support, is your freedom enough to continue voting on party lines? Nobody can decide for you, so you decide. Will it be freedom or tyranny?

Remember what happened when Hitler told the Germans that taking away their guns would make that country so much more peaceful. Do you not see the parallel here?