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Friday, November 23, 2018

California Politicians....

California idiocy:

If you complain about the water shortage and then approve tens of thousands new homes, you just might be a California politician.

If you mandate tankless water heaters as an energy saver but don’t understand they waste water, you just might be a California politician.

If you increase water prices to build a reservoir and dam because of the drought but never build it because it rains a few times, you just might be a California politician.

If you lament the power grid shortages and lack of electricity and approve unbridled development, you just might be a California politician.

If you mandate solar power on new homes but the CPUC allows electric companies to institute Time of Use rates that cost more when solar is not producing, you just might be a California politician.

If you allow unbridled development in wildfire prone areas but won’t live there, you just may be a California politician.

If you raise the gas tax and vehicle registration fees for road improvements and spend the money elsewhere, you just might be a California politician.

If you raise taxes and fees on the public while getting a big raise in your salary, you just might be a California politician.

If you see illegal immigration as a way to get more votes, you just might be a California politician.

If you push high speed rail from where nobody wants to be to where nobody wants to go, you just might be a California politician.

If you raise taxes for public transit but don’t ride a bus or train, you just might be a California politician.

If you decry traffic and pollution but ride in a chauffeured limo to work, you just might be a California politician.

If you see increases in public safety a waste of funds but whine when first responders aren’t at your door in an emergency, you just might be a California politician.

If you think climate change is completely the Republicans fault, you just might be a California politician.

If you approve toilet to tap for drinking water, but live where you don’t have to drink it, you just might be a California politician.

If you vote to control opioids but also vote to legalize marijuana, you just might be a California politician.

If you never saw a tax or fee you didn’t like, you just might be a California politician.

If giving public funds and aid to illegals is more important than helping our homeless, you just might be a California politician.

If you only consider senior citizen and veterans important at election time, you just might be a California politician.

If you think protests that cause damage and mayhem are okay as long as they are not directed at you, you just may be a California politician.

If you think First Amendment free speech is just for liberals, you just may be a California politician.

If you are against people owning guns but have a gun permit yourself, you just may be a California politician.  

Thursday, February 8, 2018

HealthNet is becoming HealthNut

Let's say you become ill right after January 1 (This flu season has been horrible) and need to see a doctor, have X-rays, tests and maybe more. So you make an appointment and show up and then are told you don't have health coverage. WTF? So they allow you as a long time patient to sign an agreement to pay for the service if the insurance does not. You go for tests and X-rays and then get the same don't have coverage and will have to pay for your services out of pocket. WTF?

Facts are that HealthNet did not update their computer system so that subscribers would actually be shown to have coverage as of the first of the year. And, to compound the issues, HealthNet changed everyone's ID number so that the old number is invalid, and it takes an act of congress to get the new number. And their "old" web site shows you have no coverage and directs you to a new web site that you need to start all over signing in, etc. And that shows you have coverage but under an invalid ID number. Aha, but it doesn't end there.

A month later, in February,  they still had not updated their database and puhed it out to the doctors and other providers. To add insult to injury HealthNet sent out new ID cards with the OLD ID number, making them worse than useless at the doctors or other care providers.

Their customer service just plain sucks. They promise to send materials and do not. Ask for materials on their web site and nothing. I think they use call centers somewhere that are staffed by  morons or at least people who don't take their jobs seriously.

Yes, their head office will give you a number to call and they run you around yet again with no solution. They promise to have the issues corrected within a week or so but have failed to do so.

My suggestion is to stay as far away from HealthNet as you can if you have to choose a plan, any plan! Because their lack of action and foresight will drive you nuts. And if you have this problem, contact everyone you can. If you are on Medicare file a complaint. Complain to consumer affairs and the Better Business Bureau. After all this is not some freebie...we pay for this lousy service.  

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

New Cal-Atlantic Home with Cracked Stucco?

We have a new Cal-Atlantic home and the stucco is cracked in many areas. Unfortunately, we were originally told that the builder would repair the cracks and to wait a year for all settlement to finish. Bad choice as they now state if the cracks are not over 1/8" in size they won't touch them. Interesting how when they were not building many new homes they promised the cracks would all be attended to and then later it's a different story. I think they threw their CSR under the bus because he was the one who originally told us this would be done.

If you plan on buying a home, you might want to look elsewhere. Maybe it's the big merger with another home builder that is assuming their huge debt that results in their customer service demise. You decide. It's your money!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

FedEx SmartPost...StupidPost ...again

Just a quick update on how bad this service sucks. They allow at least 8 to10 days for a shipment, but could deliver it quicker but just choose to not do so. Example is a shipment from Indiana that left on a  Thursday and arrived in a relatively close location to me on Sunday morning. However two and a half days later it remains in the same place, not moving. And their expected delivery is now on Friday.

This gets even better. It then goes from Rialto to Bloomington, a distance of 3.7 miles and takes two more days! Then goes to Chino, a huge distance of 21 miles that takes yet another day.

Is there any wonder consumers get pissed over this type service.

4:52 amIn transit

In transit to U.S. Postal Service
2:10 amDeparted FedEx location

10/18/2017 - Wednesday
9:58 pmArrived at FedEx location

10/17/2017 - Tuesday
11:31 pmDeparted FedEx location

8:52 pmArrived at FedEx location

6:46 amIn transit
10/17/2017 - Tuesday
6:46 amIn transit

10/16/2017 - Monday
1:21 pmIn transit

1:21 amIn transit

10/15/2017 - Sunday
1:21 pmIn transit

10/14/2017 - Saturday
10:47 pmIn transit

So from Saturday night to Friday this will move about 150 miles? And from Sunday to Friday about 100. Talk about service that sucks. Unfortunately people who use this crap service state they ship FedEx which means FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery. They never tell you they are shipping via donkey cart. If we knew we would not buy from them.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

I know this has become an annual post but it needs repeating.

Memorial Day has traditionally been celebrated as the beginning of Summer. No, not the actual date summer begins, but the official day when the seasonal holidays start and the barbecues begin, beaches open, playgrounds are filled with children, parks, lakes and pools ring with the laughter and mirth of kids and adults alike. The sweet smoky smell of hot dogs, hamburgers and even marshmallows over a fire waft through the air, an odor that beckons each and every one of us to childhood memories no matter our age.

But wait, somehow, in all of the fun and frivolity, many seem to have forgotten the solemnity and sacred meaning of Memorial Day. What it should mean to every American. Memorial Day is a day set aside each year to remember the fallen warriors of our country; those who made the ultimate sacrifice to give each of us freedom, and the ability to reach out for the American Dream. No, they didn't give you the American Dream, you have to work for that yourself. But they gave their lives to assure you had the freedom to reach out for it, free from oppression, tyranny and grave injustice as is the case in so many other countries.

It doesn't matter whether you call it a war, police action, or what name you pin on combat. Or any other action that places our military men and women in harms way to defend freedom. Men and women gave all so that we might live free. They didn't do it for fame or glory, or a medal to pin on their uniform. Medals usually came too late to shine in a parade; many were laid on rows of caskets at ceremonies in such places as Arlington and Fort Rosecrans. The Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Coast Guardsman, Air Forceman or Merchant Marine never saw the glint of the Silver Star or Purple Heart or other medal in the sun as it laid upon his casket. But the family knew the bravery that he or she displayed many days or weeks or months before this day came to pass.

Most of our fallen warriors did come home, to be interred in their beloved country near family and loved ones. But many didn't and are buried on foreign shores in huge cemeteries, marked by simple crosses and markers, the only remnants of fierce battles, where Americans shed their blood to give freedom to others in a foreign land. They didn't know the people, but knew freedom was as important to them as it is to us. Freedom, the one thing that is perhaps as much important as life itself.

In my humble opinion, the three most important things are life, love and freedom. Without them life is just a bleak and somewhat hopeless experience. With perseverance and luck, many find love, but it takes a very special person willing to lay it all on the line to fight for your freedom. When you realize the warrior doesn't know you, or the individuals they are fighting for in most cases, it makes it even more impressive that they are willing to sacrifice all for others, to give them a chance at a better life.

On this Memorial Day, I will remember my brothers who have fallen in Vietnam, as well as all those who have fallen before, and after, in every war and conflict. I will remember those who have been ravaged by the remnants of war, and who have died as a result of service-connected injuries and illnesses, those who never appear in casualty rolls, but who are casualties just the same.

And some special prayers to several brothers who are very close in my heart today and always will be. Rest well my brothers; we'll all be crossing the bar to join you some day.

And, just in case anyone ever forgets:


Monday, May 8, 2017

Living in a New Home in a Construction Area

Many people become enamored with the chance to buy a newly constructed home in a new development. The possibility of something brand new, never lived in before is exciting, yet so many people never have the foresight to think what actually living in a construction zone is like.

We purchased a new home in a brand new development, and although we knew there would be construction around and some noise, I never imagined how much this impacts daily life. Even 18 months after we moved in it's the same old day after day.

For example:
  • Do you like to sleep a bit later on Saturday or any other morning? Isn't going to happen as workers are here soon after 6 AM and don't depart until 7PM, sometimes after 8 PM. In the winter months, they came at 7 and left by 5 but no longer. 
  • Work at home? You're screwed with all the construction noise all week.  Might as well be in a downtown construction zone or under a freeway.
  • Have babies or small children who like to sleep during the day. Forget about it.
  • Night worker, day sleeper? Screw you thinks the developer.
  • Headaches or migraines? You are really screwed with the constant noise.
  • Sunday and holiday quiet? Huh? The foreign workers do not seem to celebrate our important holidays such as Memorial Day and work just the same. They must think we love listening to Radio Mexico on high while trying to enjoy the holiday. Ugghh. 
  • Workers clog the streets with their personal vehicles and don't care whether you or guests have a place to park or not. If their vehicles or the construction equipment leak oil it just helps make the streets look old.
  • Workers apparently cannot read and/or do not care about speed limits and one way streets. Regardless of whether operating personal vehicles or contractors equipment, they speed in all directions and you had better be paying attention because they are not. 
  • Like loud foreign radio and music? When the superintendent is not around you will be "entertained" by music you don't care for, even though it's against the rules. 
  • Foreign nationality workers seem to all be heard of hearing because they yell everything, no matter if the other person is only a few feet away.  
  • Trash cleanup is almost non-existent. You'll need to pick up trash from the workers as they just toss lunch wrappers and trash on the ground to blow around. Too lazy to place it in the dumpster. And the developer is very lax in cleanup of trash.
  • Like dust and dirt, sometimes so bad you cannot sit outside? That's construction dust blowing on you and your home. Windows will be so dirty you can hardly see and guess who will have to spend money to clean them? You, because the developer could care less. 
  • Smells? Diesels and other vehicles idling outside your windows while the operators are absent or yapping away with other workers. Running equipment placed for the convenience of the workers with no regard to residents. You have to like exhaust blowing into your home daily. 
  • Careless construction workers driving like it's the speedway! They have no rules for driving so they speed, drive the wrong way on one way streets, don't obey stop signs and generally have no regard for the rules of the road. God forbid you come to an intersection where they have a stop sign and you do not...better just stop because chances are they will not. 
  • Think after the homes around you are completed the noise will stop?  Hell no!  The workers will take the easiest route for their tractors, front loaders, diggers, trucks and whatever else. Sure there are alternate paths to take but they just take whatever they like.  Think anyone gives a rats ass about occupied dwellings? Nope. They treat all of them like they are under construction.
  • Speaking of which, once you buy the house, you'll find any issues after about the first month or two end up on a back burner somewhere. As homes are sold, the developer could care less about the residents problems; after all, they are here just to sell homes. 
  • Homeowners Association? Don't count on them to help; all they want is your dues. You're paying for maintenance and they defer to the developer who does nothing. Oh yes, they do have a street sweeper, but the construction vehicles are ruining the streets and guess who will be stuck paying for repairs? 
  •  Pick up a nail in your tire from construction debris? Too bad, that $400 tire is your problem as you live in a construction area. 
  • Mello-Roos taxes? If you buy a new home in California you will likely pay these fees which can cost more than your property taxes. It's for the infrastructure the developers want you to pay for since they are making so much money they cannot be bothered paying it themselves. 30 year bonds on your home that can cost you five to ten thousand dollars a year or more depending on where you live. 
Having a new home can be a delight but know what you are getting into before you buy. Go to the area on weekdays, not just the weekends. See what really takes place before you buy! Look at the long term picture. Never choose retirement in this type place if you want peace and quiet. Never will happen except perhaps at night and maybe on Sunday. Do not believe the sales staff on construction as they have not a clue. Do your own due diligence.

March 2017 Update. Rock breaking and construction continue. Might as well live on a rock quarry or construction project as the developer doesn't give a rats ass about the residents. House vibrates with pounding and does anyone think the developer even gave a thought to the residents? Hell no. They only care about selling homes to the uninformed.

December 2018 Update. Never changes. Same story a year and a half later. 

Thinking you will save money by purchasing a new home when the development starts? That may
be possible but you will be trading all sanity for a low price. And, when you go to sell, better schedule all showings on Sunday or evenings after work hours so people don't see and hear what's going on. Otherwise you will be hard pressed to sell your home.  So much for the joys of a new home.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Sanctuary Cities and States

For some odd reason, this nation has fostered a bunch of bleeding heart idiots who somehow believe that coddling and protecting illegal aliens is a good thing. Many are politicians who live off the backs of taxpayers, and live in upper class neighborhoods where they have absolutely no personal contact with the illegals and the criminal activity many are part of.

The idea that an illegal alien who has broken Federal Law, can be somehow be shielded from deportation and other sanctions simply because some idiots think it's a good idea is asinine. Our Emergency Rooms and social services are already overwhelmed with illegals and to believe that keeping those here who can  be deported is a good idea is lunacy.

Let's get to the heart of the matter; I want to see all criminal illegal aliens deported first. If someone is picked up by the police or sheriff on any charge and are found to be here illegally they need to be immediately deported. No lengthy legal proceedings, no bleeding heart stories how they have kids or wives or children here. No, get them the hell out.

Doesn't it simply amaze anyone that an illegal alien can get reduced college admission in many states but a veteran returning from war cannot? The states will waive the "residency requirements" for an illegal but not a veteran? And how about the illegals who tout their illegal status on social media or even the news because nobody has the balls to go after them and get them out of the US? Sickening.

California is about the worst of the worst when it comes to coddling. So many politicians either have ties to or owe their election to the illegal population and their families, they will do anything to pander to them. In my opinion, the politicians who pass bills supporting illegal alien activity against Federal Law should be imprisoned. That would sure clear the decks in states like California.

I am all for LEGAL immigration. After all, unless you are a native American, your ancestors or perhaps even you had to go by the system to come here and live. And before anyone thinks I am anti-Hispanic, my great grandmother was Spanish and all of my ancestors beyond my parents arrived in New York at Castle Garden (that was the predecessor of Ellis Island) or Ellis Island or emigrated through Nova Scotia from Europe. Want to come to the US, do it the right way, not sneak over borders and then have anchor babies so you can stay.

I hope the Federal Government cuts off all funding for those who become sanctuary cities, states or whatever. They have the votes and all they nee dis some balls to do what they say they will. And the taxpayers in those states stage a tax revolt so as not to have to pay whatever the states piss away on illegal sanctuary.

For those who attempt to legitimize illegals by calling them "undocumented workers"  maybe you need to rethink that too politically correct phrase. Calling an illegal alien an undocumented worker is no different than calling a drug dealer an undocumented pharmacist.