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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Congratulations Carlsbad, California

I have been following the Citizens Initiative and voting on Proposition A and want to congratulate the voters of that city for defeating that proposition.

A developer wanted to turn a parcel of land into an upscale shopping center while wowing the citizens with how much would be saved as agriculture and open space. The current owner/lessee of the strawberry fields was all for this new development and of course, I and so many others, believe it was all about money to him. His appearance on commercials for the developer were pitiful where he recalled his child in college and how this legacy would not be passed on if the citizens did not pass this indicative. WTF? If this kid was smart enough to finish college, and they were not going to an agricultural college, wouldn't you think they just might aspire to something other than to farm strawberries for the rest of their life. Nothing wrong with farming in any way, but there seemed to be too much cash incentive to think otherwise.

The city council and many people didn't care about the quality of life for so many Carlsbad citizens, only their own pocketbooks and the fat taxes this would bring in. In fact, one of the reasons this was fast-tracked, avoiding environmental review was because the city fathers saw about 650,000 dollars in tax revenue from allowing the project to start early. Traffic congestion and the people be damned, just let the developers have their way. Just as they have done for the thousands of new homes recently built or being built with a failing infrastructure to support them. One citizen stated they are being asked to cut back on electricity and water while new construction takes away what could be used for the rest of the current population. And what amount of water and electricity the proposed shopping center would have used is just outrageous in this time of energy and water crisis. As one person put it...the City of Carlsbad never saw a development or developer it didn't like.

So congratulations, Carlsbad voters for sending the developer back to Los Angeles licking his almost 11 million dollar campaign spending wound. And whatever he wasted on wooing the city to approve his project. Hope that next time whoever wants to develop your city does so openly and with voter approval.

Maybe it is time for an initiative to require citizen approval for new housing and industrial developments? After all, if you are being asked to suffer the shortages associated with unbridled development, shouldn't you have a say?

What do YOU want, America?

Here it is yet another election year and Americans have the ability to change the course of history. Not just for the next 4 years but likely forever.

I am not advocating one candidate over another but want to ask you whether you want another 4 years of "change" and put up with the same old establishment, captained by yet another non-thinker who will sell our country down the tubes. Are you happy with the free give-away mentality of the current administration?Are you happy with the erosion of your Constitutional Rights? Are you happy with the lack of respect by other nations? Do you agree with the butt kissing by the current administration in their foreign affairs?

Veterans, are you happy with the way the VA is run? Do you think the multiple assignments to head the VA have been beneficial to you? Do you think the people responsible for the deaths and mistreatment of veterans have been adequately punished? Is your life better with the current administration or worse? Do you think your health care is no better or worse than the lowest available under "Obamacare"? Do welfare recipients have better benefits overall than war veterans?

How about it, American yo think more of your pay is going to fund those who sit and refuse gainful employment than ever before? Do you think you have another family or two to support because of the administration's give away programs? Do you think the US government resembles California's government more and more, where give-away is king and politicians advocate more and more freebies for those who do not earn them? Do you think women who rely on welfare should be required to identify their "baby daddies" and the fathers held responsible for support. If the person is incarcerated should their work stipend be used to offset welfare? Do you think people in Section 8 housing should be required to work for some of those benefits? And that unannounced inspections are in order to catch multiple adult persons living in a single adult person household that you are supporting? And how many illegitimate welfare children should the taxpayers have to support while the parents contribute nothing? Shouldn't there be a limit somewhere?  Multiple generations of families on welfare with no incentive to work or get off, just excuses that they have another child. Maybe the answer is birth control or just close your damned legs??

Are you tired of the open borders and the estimated 13 million illegal aliens in our country while they are coddled by the administration. Tired of the "anchor baby" syndrome? Tired of the lack of enforcement by Immigration and the Border Patrol because they have no backing from Washington? Tired of politicians and their hacks making excuses for the failure of programs like 'Fast and Furious" while an American dies as a result? And thousands of weapons are sent to Mexico to help curb...weapons smuggling? Tired of having appointed idiots in charge of many governmental departments while those who try and do their best are sanctioned and fired.

Are you happy with our foreign policies where we buy "friendship" by sending your tax dollars to foreign countries that hate us? Are you tired of sending Americans off to war to fight battles that the administration and foreign leaders know we won't win because of their policies? And to countries that cannot deal with their own issues so we act as their police force. And Americans die for misdeeds of the administration like Benghazi?

It's time to wake up and make a decision, America. If you don't do it now you will be faced with 4 more years of "change" that seems to be leading us into a socialist society where your work, savings and gains by the sweat of your brow is divided among those who will not work and support themselves. It's not those who really need the support temporarily but the millions who game the system knowing they can get away with it.

There is no more time America. The decision is yours.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Carlsbad, CA - Idiocy, Taxes, and Caring Less for Homeowners Quality of Life

The City of Carlsbad, California has found a new way to fill their tax coffers, while helping to add to the misery of the homeowners of the "Village by the Sea" as it has come to be known. The new misery is known as Vacation Rentals.

It's not just vacation rentals, but unbounded vacation rentals, where any homeowner west of El Camino Real can now rent their home by the day, week or month any time of the year simply by obtaining a no-cost permit from the city. Unless your Homeowners Association CC and R's expressly prohibit such rentals, the rest of the neighborhood is...well...screwed. This was passed by the City with no notice to the homeowners; such activity was prohibited in the past. 

You will now be subject to all sorts of new people in and out at all times of the day, night and week, people that you don't know. In fact, people that the person who rented their home does not know! There is no vetting process; from what I have been able to determine, it's all done over the phone, not even a face to face meeting with the owner. Information is exchanged, credit card information taken, and the code to a lock box and, if required, an access code is provided for a gated community. Thus any semblance of security that the homeowners are paying for has now been destroyed as their gate code is in the hands of how many strangers?

And who are these people? Vacationers? Kids who have their parents rent the home for them? Party animals from some local or out of state college that will ruin your life for how long? Is the solution to call the police every night that they keep you up past midnight with loud partying when you have to go to work at 5 AM?  Who cares about the security deposit when it's YOU, not the homeowner who rented the place that has to put up with the problems. He's somewhere else enjoying his peace and solitude. And, if the "vacationers" do damage outside the confines of the rental property, who will pay for that? I can see lawsuits where you have to sue your former neighbor due to his "vacationers".

Many people on vacation are truly responsible and there are hotels and homes on the beach that have been rentals for eons just for that purpose. So why did the City of Carlsbad allow this to happen? Greed! Just to collect tax revenue! The city officials claim it's good to open the doors for more tourists and places for them to stay, but not at the cost to the residents who actually live here and must be subjected to this nonsense. I'd bet if a vacation rental opened up beside one of the city officials homes, they would be quick to figure out a way to shut it down. Plus, these homes do not have to pass city inspection like a hotel! What about insurance? Do the insurance companies know these are being used as rental homes for hotel type occupancy?  If there is a fire or liability loss, do these homeowners have adequate insurance coverage or, in the case of a Home Owners Association, will the HOA have to "pony up" because of insufficient coverage? 

Lots of questions and few answers. Unlike how things used to be, you no longer have any expectations on who might be in the home next to you tonight...or tomorrow...or the night after.

My suggestion to the good homeowners who are the true victims of this governmental snafu is to call the police department when they are disturbed by loud parties or problems with these vacation rentals. Enough complaints will put the city on notice that we are not happy with this transgression. And, enough complaints will also let the vacation home renters send a message to the owners that we might not be the most welcoming community they could wish for. After all, we do not have to like what the City has shoved down our throats! Bad reviews by renters will result in vacation rentals dropping fast! Like they used to say...welcome to go home! 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

California...the Drought and Electric Supply

As most people know, we have a severe to exceptional drought in California. Couple that with a shortage of electrical generating capacity and you have the makings of a catastrophic scenario that would result in not only financial but physical ruin to the people of this state.

However, in their lackadaisical and lackluster management style, the politicians and politicos of the entire state have somehow decided that it is okay to issue tens of thousands, or perhaps more, building permits, most for single family dwellings, that will severely deplete the existing water and electric supplies. Many are being built in areas that will require heavy use of air conditioning and with three and four bathrooms, thus severely increasing water usage, not even considering irrigation usage.

But the politicians don't want to talk about that. All they can think about is tax base. Growth is good for California is what they tell us. Put a house or some other building on every square foot of ground that you can, and leave only a tiny plot of green and call it a "preserve".  That "tax base" will not provide more water or electricity, and when we run out you won't be getting any water from it. Nor will the homes be helping the rotating blackouts and brownouts we will be seeing as a result of the excessive load on the electric grids.

San Diego Gas and Electric promised we would have more than adequate power once the Sunrise Power Link ws completed, regardless of the future of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. They lied. Once San Onofre went off-line, there started to be talk of shortages, and here we are again in the same quandary with power shortages and the power company whining about lack of generating capacity. Yet they now want to increase fees to a two tier system so the homes in the desert will pay less and those on the coast who use less electric will pay more. The power company says it is only fair as it equalizes costs for all. Sounds like an Obama plan to share the wealth, doesn't it? Take away from those who save, will tolerate 85 degrees at night in their homes when the Santa Ana winds blow and don't use air conditioning, and give it to those who keep their homes nice and cool.  What a crock of crap.

Again, about water, I own a small home with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. A postage stamp size personal yard and a few plants my spouse waters infrequently. We use an average of 7 units of water a month, sometimes as low as 5 or 6 units. But using 7 as a reasonable basis. A unit is 768 gallons so that equates to roughly 5,376 gallons or 179 gallons a day. We do a load of wash every day, sometimes two, (front loader ECO machine) drink city water through filters, shower (low flow heads), cook, flush toilets (low flow flush), water for our cats, and an occasional hot bath for a sore back. We take our cars to the $5.00 car wash occasionally so we don't wash them at home anymore. We find from the water company that our use is average for a home of our size in this development, where the community landscape is basically watered by a combination of reclaimed and city water.

If you double the size of the home, bathrooms, occupants, land space, etc, you effectively almost double the water usage. So even if you consider the water usage at 12 units instead of 14, you will be looking at  9,216 gallons per month for a new home that really watches their water usage. Multiply that by tens of thousands and then add in all the industrial and commercial spaces that are going up and we're in much worse shape than the politicians admit.

And, finally, know who will be so screwed by all this? The long time homeowners. Because we will be the first to lose water and electricity as we are on established grids. The new buildouts will simply slow down as we watch our economy and jobs go down the tubes. Our short sighted politicians will blame all this on someone else and run out the door like the rats they are deserting a sinking ship.

Sadly, this is not a prophesy. It's a fact that, unless there is a miracle, will come true. It's already a fact in the Central Valley where we have the New Dust Bowl as a result of decisions made solely by politicians. It's coming our way sooner than anyone thinks.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Epidemic, Pandemic, What the New Illegal Immigrants are Bringing to YOU

Every day you read or hear of the hoards of children and adults rushing the U.S. Mexico Border as they push into the United States from El Salvador, Guatemala, and other South American countries as well as Mexico. The unbridled immigration of these illegals is a shame, a threat to our national security, overwhelming our Border Patrol and damaging the sovereignty of our borders. These people, children not withstanding are illegal and need to be repatriated to their country of origin immediately, NOT processed and then dispersed among the unsuspecting American people, while awaiting immigration court hearings.

FACT: 90% of people ordered to show up for hearings never show! They just melt into the immigrant society and are never apprehended. The US ends up supporting them on your tax dollar when they become ill, or through the welfare system that runs rampant with farad fraud.

So, forget about all the above. Forget the illegality of the illegals and the costs to the taxpayers and the dishonesty of the Obama regime. Forget about all that is being foisted upon the American people by our lying government in Washington. But keep this in mind:

Tuberculosis, Scabies, H1N1 (swine) Flu, Chagas Disease, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, 
plus Hepatitis and STD's 
and maybe Smallpox and Polio!!!

Add to that, that the type tuberculosis found is the drug resistant strain that is difficult to treat. And these children and adults (remember they classify anyone under 18) have been released into the general US population without adequate health checks or vaccinations. And without adequate testing to determine who might develop TB from contacts during their travels or in close quarters at holding areas. 

Remember, the health standards where these people are coming from are far substandard to ours. Vaccination programs in some areas are non-existent. Disease runs rampant. So we are receiving people who are ill or exposed to illness that we are not prepared for and are spreading it into the community. No matter what lies the government mouthpieces tell you. 

Did the government De-louse these kids, many of who had head lice so bad you could see the lice crawling from feet away, per reports? Did they De-louse the planes and buses? What will happen to the next passenger on the public transportation system when they were dropped off at bus stations in towns. Imagine riding the bus to work or school and how you will feel coming home with head lice. Or when your children come home with it. A nice cross country trip on Greyhound anyone? Once again, no thinking about Americans, just illegals and how to move them into the US quickly so they can never be found again.

Did you think these kids and adults brought their vaccination records with them? Did you think that the US was going to be able to adequately give them health checks and vaccinate them before moving them on to God knows where? Dis you think the government was going to hold these illegals for a minimum time to ascertain none had contracted TB from someone else on their journey before turning them loose on your community? And your family or children? Anecdotal evidence says no way in hell did the government do the right thing and that evidence is piling up higher every day. 

What we have is a ticking time bomb. One that will start exploding in many small clusters of disease that could easily start to overwhelm our health system. If you imagine thousands of patients coming to hospitals with complaints of diseases that we had not seen in many years and the numbers keep multiplying and get more serious, the epidemic begins. Then, those who will not go out for fear of being caught will allow the disease not only to fester, but spread to others and soon the entire family will have it and then spread it to others. A cycle will be born that will make the horror movies look like a child wrote them. Only this time, it will be likely a child started them, a pandemic like we have never experienced.

If you think I am overreacting, go ahead and research the topic. Look at what some eminent epidemiologists have to say about this mess. And then pray because there isn't a lot more you can do until Obama and the other idiots figure out how to revere this mess they started. Sad truth is that they can't.  

Never expect the government to keep you safe. You are on your own! The powers that be ONLY look out for themselves!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

More Postal Disservice

Okay, where does it really end? Frankly, I am now convinced that the U. S. Postal Service does not give a rats ass about their clients in any way shape or form.

If you have read my past posts on this miserable mail service we have, you know the type of disservice we get. It actually has been getting worse. Let me tell you how:

1. I wrote a complaint to the U. S. Postmaster Generals Office of the Inspector General. After several weeks I received an e-mail telling me that it's not their job to follow up on mail handling problems. They are only interested in fraud, abuse, waste, etc. Waste? And what is this about ensuring efficiency and integrity? Good God,this must have been written by the same politico that wrote stuff for the Fast and Furious program and the IRS and NSA abuse programs. Amazing that they turn a blind eye to this and then wonder why they are going bankrupt. What the hell do they think these employees are doing when they don't handle the mail properly? But no, they can't bother dealing with small shippers or clients so screw us. Here's the gist of their response:

"The primary responsibility of the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General is to prevent, detect, and report fraud, waste, and misconduct; and to conduct independent audits and investigations of Postal Service programs and operations to ensure their efficiency and integrity.

The issues raised in your correspondence do not fall within the jurisdiction of this office. These matters do appear to be within the jurisdiction of the office listed below. Therefore, we are forwarding your complaint to them for their review and direct response to you.
For further information, please contact:

United States Postal Service
Consumer & Industry Contact Office

2. The above refer us to the local USPS Consumer Affairs office in our area who sends us a wonderful...form letter telling us to use the web site or 1-800 number. Yes, the one with terminal hold or the one that doesn't get you any useful information. Oh and the web site that will get you an e-mail from your local post office with some bull crap saying they are doing all they can to deliver for you.

3. I call the Consumer Affairs office and they try and bullshit you so it appears they actually are doing something and tell you to call the local post office, which doesn't have a phone number. Finally, after 20 minutes or so, the idiot at the consumer affairs office promises to escalate the case "upstairs" to an Area Manager who will call me within two working days. It's now been over a week and no contact. So much for case escalation. Must be to the circular file. Incidentally, the "hard working" Consumer Affairs Office for the San Diego District is only open from 9AM to 3PM 5 days a week. That's just 30 hours those poor people must work their fingers to the bone. Poor postal workers hard at work for the consumers. Right. You have to move off your ass to move the mail or move the dead wood, neither of which seems to be a likelihood. Will I ever hear from the Area Manager? I really doubt it. Chatter has it that he doesn't want to be bothered with complaints, wants consumers to call the worthless 1-800 line or use the USPS web site too. More customer disservice. And they wonder why they lose money?

4. Mail does not get scanned when it's outgoing. We have packages that leave Carlsbad 92011 and never get scanned until they reach an East Coast destination. Lately, we have had mail for other people placed in our mail box and packages for other people placed in a hold box and the key left in our mail box. We hand delivered the box to the right person. A high value parcel was left 4 blocks away at another address in front of a gate for at least a day before a neighbor noticed it and asked the resident if she knew it was there. The elderly person never opens that gate, and luckily the sprinklers did not come on or the contents would have been ruined. Is the freaking mail person dyslexic or what?

5. The local post office takes no accountability for their screw-ups. The supervisors say they will talk to the carriers or will fix the issues but the issues simply continue. And when packages are not scanned at the post office after being sorted there, how is that the carriers fault? It's an epidemic of slovenly labor that is perpetuated by a postal labor system that allows dead wood employees to remain on the job for years long after their efficiency should have been rated incompetent. Just go to the post office on a busy day and watch a clerk suddenly close his or her window and walk away because it's their break time, no matter how long the line is, thus prolonging your wait time. It happens all the time. Because that's how the system works. Snails pace, unlikely to be fired or disciplined and screw the customers. That's unless you are one of the few route carriers that actually work their butts off and deliver the mail and provide great customer service. We know one or two and they are few and far between.

6. Carrier Pickup is a hit and miss proposition. When the carrier doesn't get the pickup order from the post office, of course they do not know to pick up your waiting packages. So later in the day you have to call the post office and ask why your priority mail was not picked up. This is a case where one blames the other. The post office makes it seem like the carrier is the idiot who forgot to pick up your package when in reality, the supervisor or whoever handles the pickup notices at the post office never gives the carrier the pickup notice, so how would the carrier know to pick up the package? We have actually had the carrier come the next day with the notice to show us she never received the notice until a day late. WE are considering changing to FedEx and UPS if this continues. Just not worth the hassle as you never know if your packages will be picked up or not. And you have to laugh at their $20 pickup charge outside your normal pickup hours. They don't guarantee they will pickup at any special time for that $20...maybe not at all. Read the fine print and then DO NOT USE IT!

7. just needed the Spiderman boxes? How about delivering the freaking mail, eejits and forget the stupid boxes. You aren't Super Heroes by a long shot. Your performance is more like Super Zeros.....00000000000..absolutely nothing to brag about at all.

I'll be laughing with every package that I ship by FedEx because it's another ten or twenty bucks that the USPS won't get in their coffers. Multiply me by thousands and then tens of thousands, they will soon be bankrupt. And I'll be telling my Congressman and Senator just exactly why not to support these eejits in the future.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lots More on the Phoenix VA Debacle...and it's Spreading!

 From the:Logo

Chairman Miller Statement Regarding Allegations of Veteran Deaths, Secret Waiting List at PVAHCS

Apr 24, 2014
WASHINGTON, D.C.— Following media reports that 40 veterans seeking care at the Phoenix VA Health Care System died while awaiting treatment and may have been placed on a secret waiting list, Chairman Miller released the following statement:
“These are extremely disturbing allegations, which is why weeks ago I called for a complete and thorough inspector general investigation into delays in VA care – in Phoenix and department wide – and shared with the IG all of the evidence our committee has acquired as part of our own investigation. If proven true, these charges will only add to the growing pattern of preventable veteran deaths and patient safety incidents at VA medical centers across the country that are united by one common theme: VA’s extreme reluctance to hold its employees and executives accountable. In fact, if you look at recent VA preventable deaths linked to mismanagement – in Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Columbia, S.C., Augusta, Ga., and Memphis, Tenn. – department executives who presided over mismanagement are more likely to have received a bonus or glowing performance review than any sort of punishment. It's well past time for VA leaders at all levels to heed the alarms many in the veterans community have been sounding for more than a year. That means holding employees accountable - instead of rewarding them - for mismanagement that harms veterans and being honest with Congress and the public about the department's problems. This is the only way VA can regain the trust of the veterans it is charged with serving and bring some much-needed closure to the families of those who have died.” – Rep. Jeff Miller, Chairman, House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs
 Chairman Miller Preservation Request to Sec. Shinseki

 VA Litigation Hold (Preservation Order)

Chairman Miller Responds to Calls for VA Leadership Changes

May 5, 2014
WASHINGTON, D.C.— Following the American Legion’s calls for VA leadership changes, Chairman Miller released the following statement:
“Make no mistake. There is a crisis of confidence with VA’s top leadership, and the American Legion’s calls for the resignations of the department’s top leaders should be sending shock waves through the White House. I have the utmost respect for Commander Dellinger’s opinion, and while I am going to wait until VA’s inspector general releases its report on the situation in Phoenix before deciding to call for any personnel changes, this much is clear: for nearly a year, we have been pleading with top department leaders and President Obama to take immediate steps to stop the growing pattern of preventable veteran deaths and hold accountable any and all VA employees who have allowed patients to slip through the cracks. In response, we’ve received disturbing silence from the White House and one excuse after another from VA. Right now, President Obama and Sec. Shinseki are faced with a stark choice: take immediate action to help us end the culture of complacency that is engulfing the Veterans Health Administration and compromising patient safety, or explain to the American people and America’s veterans why we should tolerate the status quo.” – Rep. Jeff Miller, Chairman, House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs

Chairman Miller Writes Sec. Shinseki About Delayed Action to Preserve Phoenix VAHCS Evidence, Shredded Waiting List

May 1, 2014
WASHINGTON, D.C.— Today, Chairman Miller wrote to Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki regarding the department’s delayed actions to preserve possible evidence related to allegations that veterans seeking care at the Phoenix VA Health Care System may have died while awaiting treatment and may have been placed on a secret waiting list. Chairman Miller’s letter also addressed VA’s admitted shredding of a waiting list department officials have said may be the “secret” list cited by Phoenix VA Health Care System whistleblowers.

View the letter here.

Chairman Miller Calls on Shinseki to Restore Faith in Phoenix Investigation

May 2, 2014
WASHINGTON, D.C.— After media reports that officials at the Phoenix VA Health Care System may have been intentionally destroying possible evidence related to the federal investigation of the Phoenix VA Health Care System as recently as April 27, the department’s delayed actions to preserve possible evidence, and VA’s admitted destruction of a waiting list department officials have speculated may be the “secret” list cited by Phoenix VA Health Care System whistleblowers, Chairman Miller released the following statement:
“As if the allegations of patient deaths and a secret waiting list at the Phoenix VA Health Care System weren’t bad enough, now we’re hearing reports of possible attempts to cover up this despicable situation. VA Secretary Eric Shinseki did the right thing by placing three Phoenix VAHCS administrators on leave. But by no means does that common-sense step, which should have already been done weeks ago, take VA out of the hot seat. In order to restore Americans’ faith in the integrity of the federal investigation in Phoenix, Sec. Shinseki needs to answer some very direct questions in short order. Why did it take VA a full eight days to order the preservation of possible evidence related to the investigation? What are VA leaders doing to ensure evidence is not destroyed in Phoenix? Why is VA Under Secretary for Health Robert Petzel claiming there is ‘no evidence’ to support the allegations in Phoenix even though he is not involved with the investigation? What is the factual basis for Petzel’s claim? Now is not the time for carefully crafted press releases. Sec. Shinseki needs to answer these questions publicly, and he needs to answer them now.” – Rep. Jeff Miller, Chairman, House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs

HVAC Webpage To Track How VA Stonewalls the Press

Mar 24, 2014
WASHINGTON, D.C.— Today, Chairman Jeff Miller launched VA Honesty Project, a new web component of Veterans.House.Gov designed to highlight the Department of Veterans Affairs’ lack of transparency with the press, and by extension the public. View the page here.
Because the Department of Veterans Affairs is a taxpayer funded organization, it has a responsibility to fully explain itself to the press and the public. Unfortunately, in many cases, VA is failing in this responsibility, as department officials – including 54 full-time public affairs employees – routinely ignore media inquiries.
VA Honesty Project documents nearly 70 recent instances in which VA has failed to respond to reporters’ requests for information or refused to answer specific questions. The department’s apparent disregard for the press has become an object of reporters’ scorn, leading some to openly accuse VA of “thumbing their nose at us” and others to write entire articles focusing on VA’s stonewalling tactics. VA Honesty Project will be continually updated with new examples of VA refusing to respond to the press as they arise.
Following the launch of VA Honesty Project, Chairman Miller issued the following statement.
“With 54 full-time public affairs employees, VA’s media avoidance strategy can’t be anything other than intentional. What’s worse, the tactic leaves the impression that department leaders think the same taxpayers who fund the department don’t deserve an explanation of VA’s conduct. VA Honesty Project is dedicated to showing America’s veterans, American taxpayers and department leaders how VA’s media avoidance strategy is doing the public an extreme disservice while damaging VA’s reputation in the process. By keeping a running record of VA’s attempts to stonewall the press, we hope to convince the department to put a renewed focus on being responsive and transparent with the media so America’s veterans and taxpayers can get the answers they deserve.” – Rep. Jeff Miller, Chairman, House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs

Note: This is probably the longest post I have made. If you want to see how the VA stonewalls the public, the veterans and even the government that is alleged to regulate them, go to the first link in the last article and it will make you sick. Absolutely no accountability.  It's also here : View the page here 
If this doesn't make you wonder about how an agency has run amok with no accountability to the public, the veterans it serves or the government body that oversees it, it's simply unthinkable. As a disabled vet, I could tell you stories but I won't, preferring to say much of my dealings with the VA have been exemplary, while others have bordered on what I consider criminally negligent in inception of timely treatment. The vets get excuses on why a severe issue is not handled and in the interim, they get worse and die. Then the VA has to do nothing, one less patient to see. Granted they are overloaded with patients, some as a result of their grandiose offer to provide 5 years of free medical treatment to the vets from the War on Terrorism. None of the other wartime vets received that, we either had to have a disability and some waited years to gain medical status, or had to pay for VA treatment based on income. I can understand any vet from any conflict with a disability receiving free treatment. But to globally offer free treatment for 5 years with no disability requirements was simply to immediately overload the system and place the older vets on the back burner to accommodate the new influx of cases. Does that lengthen the appointment process? Sure it does. I used to see a specialty doc every three months. Now I'm lucky to see one every 9 months to a year. He might tell me "I'll see you back here in 3 months, but somehow it gets kicked out of the system and I have to call or e-mail and ask for an appointment which may be months down the road, then be cancelled and longer yet. And I'm one of those like a bulldog who keeps on their ass until I get action. I pity the vets without the skills or will to keep fighting the system or an advocate who will. And NOT the patient advocates at the VA hospitals. From my experience, they are seat warmers and useless. 
Finally, I have to agree with Mr. Miller...the VA promotes to the highest level; of incompetence. I have seen that happen at least once this past year. I called and asked for a supervisor, being sure he would have been fired by now as he appeared to be so incompetent. Nope. He was promoted to manager and they are looking for a new supervisor; yet his department still cannot get things right. Amazingly, although the VA promulgates forms on line for the veterans to use, the VAMC's then state the forms are no good and they use their own forms to make it more difficult on the vets to use the system. What ever works for the employees and screws the vets must be the name of the game. And those in Washington are not aware as they are sleeping at the switch!