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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Curt Reply

I received a comment from a reader whom, in my opinion, is simply infantile and wanted to do nothing but mount a personal attack. Thus, it wasn't published. This blog, while my opinion about companies and organizations and our government, is simply that, a blog. My opinions and nothing more. Except for those public officials who fail to keep promises and who rape, plillage and plunder for their own good, and those who attempt to set themselves up as ideals to the world in general, I don't set out to attack them, or their sometimes corrupted morals, although it sometimes ends up that way because of their own behavior. I don't set out to attack individuals, so when someone decides to attempt to dissect the blog and tell me who they think I am, in a hateful way, I exercise my right to hit the delete button and send their junk to the trash heap. However, I would like to address a few points of that person's writings anyway:

1. You stated your one grandmother hates kids. By the tone of your vile writing, your grandmother probably hates kids because she has you for a grandchild. If you were mine, I know I could learn that pretty easily. Your drivel and venom would make you easy to dislike very quickly.
2. You make unqualified statements as to my dislike for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. I don't know how you discern that. The only rant I made was about some idiot who decided to take a beauty pageant entrant to task because she answered honestly. She was entitled to say whatever she wanted to and nobody has the right to spew venom about what she said. That's EXACTLY what the problem has been for the LGBT community. If they want to be accepted for who they are, they have to accept everyone else for who they are. Idiots like you who toss every minute thing up to make it sound homophoboic are the problem, not the cure.
3. You talk about "beautiful California"? Liberal politicians and others like you are the reason we're nearly bankrupt because everyone wants something for nothing. There's no free ride and the money's running out. But of course, you're not contributing anything, are you?
4. You're right on one count. I don't like the way legislators deal with gun control. Why? Because they have no idea what they're doing. They are pushed and manipulated by people who think guns are evil, rather than understand that it's the idiot behind the gun that needs attention. Guns don't just up and shoot someone. Cars don't just run off and drive over a kid on a bike. The idiot behind the wheel or trigger is to blame. People who wish to own firearms need to be trained, tested, a thorough background check initiated and have a reasonable waiting period. There are people who should never own a gun. There are people who should never drive a car. You might be either, or neither. And if you commit a felony with a gun, or a car, your right to own and operate either should be removed and your ass should go to jail. Period. No fancy attorney to get you out or back on the road. In my opinion, a person who drives impaired is as dangerous as an idiot with a loaded gun. And cars are much easier to obtain.
4a. Oh, one more thing on Gun Control. As one who has been through war and in law enforcement, gun control in the hands of a trained user means a well placed first shot, so you don't have to waste a second shot. I'm sure that will cause your tidy whites to crinkle.
5. You think I should be deported? That made me really laugh. Where? To Ireland. About half my family came from there so I'll be waiting for your personal cashier's check to move the family.
6. You said you wouldn't bleed for this country. People like you are the reason we're in such sad shape. A real candy ass who sits and waits for someone else to defend the land while he sits at home and devours the benefits of their blood and sweat. While they keep aggression and terrorism from your door, you make such a statement. You are a sad piece of trash, a boil on the buttocks of humanity.
6. Finally, I'm glad you got it all off your chest. I served two tours in Vietnam so people like you could continue to have the freedom to run your mouth and say whatever you like. Service men and women have and will continue to do so for the same reason, so continue to enjoy life in America while you contribute absolutely nothing to it.