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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Is it Really Time for Unity in Washington?

Talk around the water cooler, scuttlebutt it was called in the service, is that there will be more unity in Washington between the opposing parties. This allegedly due to the recent shootings in Tucson, Arizona.

Far be it from me to take lightly any hope of some sort of unity and forward movement by our elected officials, but it's so hard to believe they are taking such an outrageous act and using it as some sort of blanket truce, to tell us they are making an effort to be civil, and actually work together.

Washington thrives on division and derision, each side making the other look like fools and buffoons. Not to say that the current administration doesn't frequently look that way without any help from across the aisle. And not to say that the other side of the aisle doesn't also smack themselves with the stupid stick occasionally, and make us wonder why the hell they even open their mouths.

Unity? Actually moving forward to solve the issues that will make this country prosperous and productive again? Put people back to work and reduce the unemployment to near zero? Reduce the deficit, both at home and the trade deficit with other countries? Cut dependence on foreign countries products and energy, with a reasonable, not "knee-jerk" energy policy, that doesn't penalize ordinary Americans in favor of big business? Stop favoring splinter groups, and start listening to the majority of the American people on important issues? Cut welfare in favor of workfare, where people actually must work for money, and don't get paid for sitting at home having more children than they, or we, can afford? Stop paying for all benefits for illegal aliens, and tighten the borders so we have a secure America? Eliminate the so called "anchor baby" issue so babies born here to non-citizens do not automatically become US citizens?

No, this just isn't going to happen. Maybe I'm dreaming, but there is a left and a right in Washington and there is no centrist attitude that will allow them to meet in the center of the aisle. Unless there is a huge Pork Barrel there where all the politicians can heap their special interests in it along with a few things that really help the country along. And those special interests will offset and cost more than the good that the bills passed will do.

Finally, trying to pass off this new "unity" as a result of Congresswoman Giffords tragedy is shameful. The politicians didn't seem to want to be any more united for the twelve soldiers killed in the massacre at Fort Hood Texas in 2009. Nor for the killings of the four Lakewood, Washington police officers the same year, or for any of the other horrible incidents involving public servants or our service men and women. This is just a symbolic gesture to snow the public once again.

Sad, but with tragedy sometimes does come unity. Even more tragic is that I don't believe it comes in Washington political circles.

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