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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sadly, I find out the Truth About Cadillac

I was high on Cadillac. I'll admit that. As high as anyone could be with a new car. Up there in the ionosphere somewhere, but then...then...came the big letdown. That GM doesn't give a rats' ass about the customer after you buy the car, and wishes you wouldn't bother them, and hopes to never hear from you again.

My vehicle came without a navigation booklet. The vehicle has an owners manual about an inch and a half thick, but little information on the entertainment or navigation system; I thought it was just really sparse in content on those subjects. I never knew it was a separate booklet as it's not referred to as such in the manual, but found it was difficult to determine all the nuances of the navigation system until I found a copy of it on the Internet. Many things I never knew about, and small wonder there were items I couldn't find or do. So, in order not to copy a huge document online, and try to store a sheaf of letter size paper in the car, I requested the missing booklet.

I spoke to a very nice woman at Cadillac Customer Service, who turned me over to someone else in customer service, who then informed me that for a paltry $24.95 she would send me the book. WTF? It was missing when I bought the car. That didn't matter, because they don't replace missing items, and since the dealer has done nothing to replace the booklet (I did request one from them with no help), they couldn't help without $24.95.

This is the second time I have requested assistance from Cadillac regarding issues with the navigation system, and the second time I have heard the same sad story. The first time it took about a week to finally get some action from a person at Cadillac who agreed that the navigation system was not properly updated and arranged for an update. That damned near took an act of Congress.

Having to fight for every little issue is beyond comprehension. We also bought a new BMW within 30 days of this Cadillac and the difference in service and attention to detail is amazing. Following the purchase of the Cadillac, we received several calls from the dealer and all they wanted to be sure of was that we were happy enough to give them high marks on the GM survey. Not a word since. With the BMW, we receive e-mails from their general manager, a letter from the sales person, and communication about once a week asking if there is anything they can do to assure our experience is everything we wish it to be. Plus info from BMW America to help with vehicle familiarization, etc.

Once again, good old GM "f**k you" customer service sends another customer who tried to come back to American Iron back to another foreign car. A $53,000 vehicle and they balk over a $24.95 booklet that they forgot? Fine. I've already been to the BMW dealer to seek a deal on a new car. Luckily, it's not the money, but the principle.

On a footnote, I never experienced this type of "screw you" service from Ford. Must be part of the arrogance from being bailed out with MY money, huh? We got your money and sold you a car so now screw yourself., you got it all wrong, GM. Screw you, and in the future, there won't be any more bail outs for you, especially from me personally, because I won't be buying another one of your products ever again. So you better do well. Because. there's at least a half-dozen cars you won't be selling me in the future. Oh, yeah, and about at least that many you won't be selling my spouse either. Wait, did I mention the corporate business in the family? Hmm...check the right hand and notice which finger is saluting GM now!

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