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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cadillac GM Update

A quick update on the lack of customer service from GM. It no longer concerns me. I purchased a new BMW so I don't care what GM does from here on in, as long as we taxpayers don't have to bail them out again. Following their attitude, I'll never buy a GM product again. Sadly, I think GM stands for Get Mauled by their customer service.

I tried to come back and buy a top of the line American product, but my willingness to get kicked in the family jewels by uncaring peons sitting at a desk somewhere is beyond my comprehension and acceptance, especially since the vehicle I purchased probably paid someones salary for many months. How quickly they forget the customer when times seem to get better; how fast the car companies forget the hands that feed them, until they need a handout once again. Not unlike the teenager who refuses to help until they need money for a date, GM won't be satisfied until they need money to stay afloat. And, by then, America should hand them drills instead of plugs!

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